No Small Thing

A miracle. Such a seemingly small word. Such a HUGE possibility. It can be a physical manifestation. It can be an emotional breakthrough. I do not know what causes it. I do know it comes from God. I saw a miracle that truly changed me. It changed me because I was used by the Lord … More No Small Thing

Dreams Alive

How far can you fly in your mind? Where will your dreams take you? Is it only imagination or can it possibly come true? Will it actually happen… or will it only be when you close your eyes? Dare to make it real. Dare to make your dreams come true. Life can be full of … More Dreams Alive

Messages From Heaven

I went through my whole childhood and early adult years believing in God and Heaven. Until my mom died, I don’t think I truly understood or even truly thought about it. I was just going through the motions of what was being taught or modeled for me. The death of my mom stirred up a flurry … More Messages From Heaven


  In Heaven or on earth From which place do we gain our worth? Jesus came down to set us free But then, we are to be We become God’s daughter or son Maybe finally Understanding eternity Birthed out of love As pure a dove Not one or the other But both coming together We … More Identity

In the Light

Light is necessary. It guides our way. We are able to see better with light. We are able to see possible dangers while also taking in the beauty all around us. Think about what it would be like without light. It wouldn’t only be dark… everything would be hidden. And how much more would be … More In the Light