Why Blog???


Hi! Welcome to my page! I am a fairly avid writer in spurts. By that I mean, as most of you I am sure, I go through periods in my life where I write a lot and then nothing for a while. I love it though and I feel great when I write!

My goal this year is to write consistently, everyday, even if it’s just a thought or a short poem. I like to write to share my thoughts with people. I hope to inspire others into thinking “outside the box” so to speak about life and what it all means. I love to dig into scripture and shares verses and my viewpoint on them as well as how I think they relate to life. Opinions are always welcome, as I am aware, not one of us is exactly right. Rather, what is right is a culmination of many different viewpoints. God has given us intelligence and imagination, together they become something beautiful.

I am new to blogging and cannot wait to learn more about navigating the site and utilizing the features better. I want to be able to share my blogs with people to uplift, encourage and bring hope! Come join me… ~Irene


2 thoughts on “Why Blog???

  1. Thanks for sharing. I have many of the same feeling and thoughts and my blogging skills are awful. It was enjoyable reading your thoughts and first efforts.


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