It All Matters

roy-irene2Marriage to me is forever. Unfortunately, forever takes two people to happen. I was married once and I thought it would be forever, but it was not in the cards for me. I will say though, that marriage was not ever regretted. My beautiful daughter Kaysi was a result of a marriage meant to be so my daughter could have life. And in the loss of one marriage came the birth of another. God allows for second chances because He is a God of forgiveness and grace and love, unconditional love. Sometimes, the second chance is the one path in life that will bring the most joy, if you allow it. As we learn who we are and learn to love, we step into a new place, a place where God the Father shows us how to feel peace and joy. My second marriage has had its challenges, many years of challenges. Now, though, the intimacy and closeness we share in our marriage with God and also with each other is indescribable. God wants that for us, as He loves us He wants us to feel and share that love… Always and forever… 💙



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