Cat or Dog, that is the question


Cat. What does that word mean to you? Well if you don’t like cats, I know the drill, oh they are evil, they don’t like anyone, they have a mind of their own… and on and on…

Now let’s hang out in the other camp for a while, the camp that adores those sweet furry animals. Yes, you guessed it, I am one of the adorers. I have had cats my entire life. and not only that, I have two beautiful girls now. My beauties have definite personalities and “quirks”, but they are my babies and I love them!

The key to loving cats is understanding them. And, the key to understanding them is loving them. HA! Figure that one out my friends. I have been trying to for all of my life. But once you love a cat, a furry feline, you will always love them. I am sure many of you will disagree and that ok… that’s why there are also dogs in the world!

The thing about pets, specifically cats and dogs, is that these guys love unconditionally. How many of us can say we have unconditional love, except from God the Father. Our pets give us that love. I can’t even count on my hand anymore how many times one of my furry babies was there for me when I was crying or felt alone. They are amazing comforts. In fact even right now, as my husband is gone for another week, I am not alone, first because I know my God is with me. But also because both my beautiful baby girls, Jazzie and Mica,  are here too… and that is truly amazing!!!


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France


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