GOD Why?


So God,

Just curious

You give us all the emotions

You enable us to walk in them

You allow us to feel them

You give us love, You give us hate

You give us joy, You give us pain

You give us good, You give us evil

So God,

Just curious…


God, sometimes,

the pain is so much more than the joy,

the evil is so much more evil that the good is good

and God…

the hate cuts deeper than the love could ever reach…

GOD what is all for?

It is all like a leaf blowing in the wind…

A cloud floating across the sky

A wave crashing on the shore

It passes by and then the next moment comes

God, what will that next moment bring?

Fear, anxiety, God, You know,

You felt it all…

God you felt







And, God, you never did anything but Love us…

So, God, I come to you now

God I cry out to You

God I need You

Help me please

Please pick me up

Carry me through

God I cannot walk it alone anymore

And I don’t want to…

God journey


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