The Question & My Answer


As I sit here today in my living room, looking out the window, I am contemplating life. Life and what is means to me, what it means to people around me. It is what we are in every moment of every day… life.

Deep huh? Yeah, that’s what I thought when it first came to my mind. I really was, in a moment, overwhelmed and almost baffled at how to answer my own question.

So how do I answer the question???

Life is many things. Life is complicated, life is simple. Life is happy, life is sad. Life is trials and hard times. Life is dreams coming true and falling in love.

Life is how you look at things. Are you a “glass half empty” or “glass half full” person. Are you hopeful or cynical? Your life is all your choices. So, how you look at things in life will ultimately determine your happiness in life.

Again I am overwhelmed and baffled. Life is a combination of choices and emotions and experiences. All of these will lead us to look back with a sigh of contentment or with a sigh of regret.

Lately my thoughts and prayers and time with God have truly impressed upon me the importance of each moment. Life has many moments and how you choose to live in those moments will determine how you lived. It won’t matter whether you had tons of friends, but rather friends who you cared deeply for. It won’t matter whether you were rich with money and possessions, but rather that you were rich in love and generosity. It won’t matter whether you had the best clothes, hair, or body, but rather that you were a beautiful person with a heart of compassion.

So when you look back on your life, make sure you left your mark on people’s hearts by loving them the way JESUS loves us. Make sure everyone you meet knows they are loved. To me that is was LIFE is all about.

abundant life


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