To Write or Not to Write…


Sometimes it is so hard to write. When you feel like you have to, the words are nonexistent. You think and sit and try to come up with something… but

NOTHING!!!      quotes-about-writing-writers-block-heart

Where are the words? Where are all of the meaningful things that need to be said? Where are the thoughts and advice to be shared?  Still…



Inspiration cannot be forced. It is something that comes when least expected. And when it comes, you have to be ready to listen… and write.


Now there are times when you can write, even though there really are no words. As a writer, one must continue to write even in the moments of no inspiration. Often the writing will get the juices flowing, so to speak!


Other times it is important to write about moments in life that are difficult… but it is time to share. This sharing will benefit the writer and the reader. It will act as a cleaning out and a filling up all at once…


In the end, write whatever comes to mind. You can always go back and change it later. Ultimately, though, if it comes to your mind, it is something that needs to be written and read. Allow hearts to be touched, whatever words are written…



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