You Found My Heart


Like the river endlessly flows

          my feeling for you continuously grows.

The water runs along at its own pace

           as my heart begins to fill a space.

The quiet and peaceful rushing of the water

            like nothing else matters now or ever.

As we grow closer we will continue

             along a path towards something true.

Something wonderful felt so deep inside

              so much like the water and nature outside.

The calm inside me that I feel with you

               reminds me of the water and the sky so blue.

The smile you put in my heart and on my face

                is something no one else could ever replace.

It warms me inside all throughout

                 like the sun reflects on the water all about.

The beautiful light as it shines into the water below

                  you found my light and encouraged me to let it show.

Thank you for all you have shown me yesterday and today

                   just gaze out over the water and you’ll understand what I say.

As the water rushes out to find its way to the sea

                    you have found my heart and that is where you will always be.


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