The day I understood…

I still remember how I felt the moment I became a mom. I was so excited!!! And, so very scared too… but I was also so in love right from the start. It didn’t even matter that I hadn’t even met you yet. I didn’t care, I ALREADY LOVED YOU!!!




You became the center of who I was and I everything that defined me. You were the one who made me a mom. I was privileged, honored and so in love!!!





Then, the day finally came. I got to meet you, my beautiful baby girl. You were everything I hoped for and MORE!!! AND… I was so in love!!!


My life was no longer all about me, but instead all about this amazing, wonderful, beautiful life God had given me to be a mom to, to take care of, to love with all of my heart.





Now, why God the Father chose me to be your mom, I cannot answer. The fact that HE wanted me to be yours and you to be mine, is still something that is just the most amazing happiness to me!


It is a happiness that can only be found in motherhood. A happiness that is like no other, that flows over into immense, powerful, unconditional love.


In that love, a love that you my daughter gave me through the gift of you, I finally understood what it meant to be a mom too. As a mom, I understood my own mom too. And in that moment, I finally understood you, my own mom, and I loved you too!

I felt a new understanding, a new connection to you mom as a mother myself. Our relationship moved to a new level.

We were now moms, both of us, talking about our love, for those who had made us mothers. Love of our daughters, taught us how to love each other too!



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