Weekly Random & Not So Random…HUGS



What does that word mean to you?

Does it scare you? Does it make you smile? Do you give them freely? Do you like them?

A hug is something that shows love, caring, concern, friendship. It is meant as a good thing.


Some of us though shy away a bit from the whole “touchy-feely” thing just because of the boundaries it breaks. Others of us love to give and receive hugs!

I am in between the two camps. I used to back away completely mainly because I honestly didn’t want people touching me. I know that sounds crazy to some of you. Others of you get me because it’s exactly how you feel. 


GOD has shown me that a hug is very important. In fact, often that hug from someone else is a direct result of His love for us. He is using another human as a vessel to hug me, exactly when I need it.


You agree? 

Think back on some of those times when you received a hug that was a little sketchy at first, but then it was one of the best, most comforting hugs ever! And you realized just how much you needed it. God knew… and so He sent His hug to you through someone else to remind you how much He loves you!


I think of a hug as a blanket. A blanket covers us and keeps us warm and protects us. A hug can do that too. God’s hugs cover us in His love and keeps us warm and protected with His love.


A simple hug can do so much. Especially when someone is feeling alone. That hug reminds them that they are thought of and LOVED. Not only by the person hugging them, but by the one that sent the hug… JESUS!!!

Hug someone today… make them feel special and LOVED. It’ll be beneficial to you too. Why? Because you’ll get a hug too!!!



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