Dream a BIG Dream…


Dreams are meant to be dreamed, dreams are meant to be lived. Make sure you don’t ever ignore your dreams.

What is a dream???


A dream is something you want to do… something your heart desires. If you let go of your dream without trying to make it happen, are you really living your life?

Where do the desires of your heart come from? How does the dream given to you become a desire or vise versa?


A desire of the heart is also a calling from the GOD. The creator of all, gives us gifts, things we do well and also desires… things He wants us to do with our gifts.


I believe that as we follow the Lord and become close to Him in our lives, He will take care of us in many ways. One of those ways is through dreams. The dreams He gives us help define our path and our calling. In fact, I think He even dreams about us and for us… imagine that… God the Father, the Creator of all things, dreams of us…

Mohnblumen Papaver rhoeas

Dreams determine our destiny, if we choose to follow them. And if we believe that God creates and gives us our dreams, why not let Him do the impossible!


Why not believe in your dreams and expect things, amazing things, to come out of those dreams. Your dreams might be the story of what you life is supposed to be… your adventure.


Dream a little more. Close your eyes and ask God to show you things, ask Him for dreams. Then, get ready for the ride, hold on and LIVE!!!



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