Keep Your Clothes On.

My beautiful daughter wrote this and how profound! Decided to share it on my page!!!

Dreaming out loud

We live in a world where sex sells, and celibacy is out of style.

Who knew purity came in and out of style like hand bags and high heels. Why is that? Why do we as women think that our purity is a fair trade for a man to stay in our lives. Even bigger than that, why do we compromise our morals and feelings so we can gain some self worth from a man, who does not even respect who you are?

It’s sickeningly normal to have sex on the first or second date, IF you even get to the first date. So many people have lost sight of what a true relationship looks like. We are stuck in this virtual world of social media, and we literally use it for everything. We turn likes into self worth, and we take retweets a a sign of respect. If a…

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