Forgiveness is LOVE

Welcome to my thoughts on¬†FORGIVENESS… We have all been hurt by someone in our life, possibly many times and many people. In that hurt, sometimes it is hard to forget. More importantly, it is often hard to forgive. Often, instead of forgiving, people want to hurt back. They want revenge. And that is the worst … More Forgiveness is LOVE

That Moment

Sometimes it takes a bit for us to really get it. Though it may be more like trying to ride a bike. Trying again and again finally we understand. It almost as though it clicks somewhere in our soul. Our head and our heart sync and connect! Our body functions as one all parts in … More That Moment

Heal My Heart

What’s in my heart is sometimes hard to share wondering whether anyone would even care. Being hurt before in so many different ways sometimes I barely make it through the days. The joy seems to have disappeared it has instead been replaced by fear. Oh such a bad place to be in a heaviness that … More Heal My Heart

Our Home

Hide and seek as a child we used to play as adults, we hide because we have strayed Far away from where we should be feeling lost and as if we cannot see Hopeless to us it seems so many broken dreams Nowhere for us to turn the tears in our eyes burn Our vision … More Our Home


JESUS has risen… A gift we have been given! HE lost HIS life dying for our sins… so our lives may truly begin! Easter is a time for remembrance And feeling God’s almighty presence… We REJOICE and CELEBRATE GOD’s love for us is GREAT! We come together and together we sing we sing praises praises … More JESUS!

John 1:4-5

This week, in my personal time with the Father, HE has been showing me light and what it means for me. The verse that really resonated with me involved light. The Message Bible gave such a cool translation! What came into existence was LIFE and the LIFE was LIGHT to live by. The LIFE-LIGHT blazed … More John 1:4-5