Let the Music Play…



This one word is representative of a part of my life that is entrenched within me, a part of who I am. Music, instruments and voices coming together in a beautiful harmony of pleasing, comforting, inspiring, exciting and all-encompassing sounds that speak to my soul and fill my heart.


Many, many times in my life, I turned to music. The music helped me stay in control, if you will. My emotions filtered through the songs I listened to. I screamed, I cried, I lost hope… then I found it again and I found joy, and even love… all in the story of song.


My genres of musical preference usually depend on my mood. I appreciate all kinds of music, though I do have favorites. I also categorize my music into my emotions… I have happy songs, energetic songs, love songs, inspiring songs… angry songs and hope-filled songs.  


Yes, the music is part of me. I believe GOD brought me this beautiful resource so I could express myself and find my way back to Him in all the many moments of my life. The Father gifted me and I am continuing to develop that gift more. Music is an expression of love because it is using what is in your heart and sharing it in song.


God gives us music so we can sing to Him and worship. As we sing, we are using a gift He gave us… that blesses our Lord. 


Use the beauty of music to understand who God is. Allow yourself to get lost in the song and close your eyes… you will find God there.

songbird            fd9755d3f22d9c203f1d8605b1c05cd8




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