1 Corinthians 16:13-14


God speaks to us in many ways. One of them is through His Word, the Bible. As we read and dig into His Word each day, He presents us with revelation, understanding and a direct communication with Him.

Direct communication with Father God… and in that, we experience His love.

I have two verses that I was presented with the other day. As I read them, meditated on them, talked to God about them, I began to see. God showed me His truth and how to apply this to my life.

Here’s the verse, 1st in the New King James Version and then in The Message version…

1 corinthians 16-NKJV1corinthians.16.13-14.scripture-MSG

The first verse is all about who we are as God’s children. We are to be strong, courageous, keep our eyes open… hold on to our convictions. In other words, what we believe and who we are should be evident to the world. Don’t give up or change what we believe, no matter what.

The second verse is key. Love. Do it with love… love without stopping. God is love, so in love, God is present. As we love, we show God’s nature… we host His presence, the world sees our Father and His agape love.

These two verses are essential to our lives if we are to represent God to the world. Why? It’s simple. we must be steadfast in what we believe to be Truth, so when the world looks at us, they see the Father clearly in us. And, we must be love to the world, because that’s who God is.

Love, love, love… repeat it over and over to yourself. It is what the Creator of the Universe has for you… an unending, unfailing, unconditional supply of love for you. Now, go out and give that same love to everyone around you.

let all that you do be done in love


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