My Forever Love…


husband_wifeLet it all go, let it all float away

Just like the way the eagle flies today

I want to be you lover

I want to be your friend

Just open up to me and you will understand

Don’t be afraid to get close to me

I can be the one to make you complete

Let everything from the past wash away

As the waves rush to the beach each new day

Start every morning fresh and new

Just as pure as the early morning dew

Come to me unconditionally

And you’ll find your dream with me

My arms will hold you and surround you

With a feeling that can only be true

Watch as the flower opens to bloom

And listen to each birds special tune

The beauty of this world is what you have shown to me

And you are a part of that new found beauty

As I have opened my eyes and looked around

I now see one of my blessings in a life that I have found

That was so unsure to me before

Now has become one I look forward to explore.


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