Love Instead…


Betrayal… we have all been there. We have been betrayed and we have even been the betrayer. The pain is often unbearable. It consumes and seeks to destroy us. Sometimes it even succeeds.

How do we prevent this from happening? When you open your heart to people and relationships, it is almost inevitable that betrayal will happen. Not always and maybe not often, but it will happen, at least once. The only way to prevent it is to close yourself off to everyone, and never have any kind of relationship… what happens then? Loneliness, depression, and ultimately betrayal from the world and Satan, because he will swoop in and cover you with all the lies.

In order to move forward and truly heal from the pain of betrayal, we must first forgive and then love. WHAT? Really??? Yes, really. And I know you probably think I have lost my mind. I know you are thinking, I could never forgive this person and definitely never love them again! Oh, I understand, believe me. I have been there on both sides, the receiving and the giving.

The crazy thing about all of this is, when we forgive and choose to love over hatred and anger, GOD heals our heart, supernaturally. Once we let go and give this person to GOD, He begins the healing process and takes that HUGE burden off your heart! In fact, the longer we keep it on our heart, the more pain it produces and then the healing process is so much longer!

Leave the broken, irreversible past in God’s hands, and step out into the invincible future with Him.”~ Oswald Chambers 

So, what do you think? I mean, it can’t hurt. On the contrary… it might even stop the hurt!

Forgiveness and love are intertwined and in them is where we find true healing. It is also where we find the Father’s heart and draw closer to Him in this time. To me, that is so much better than the lonely, dark, painful time that we exist in as we hold onto unforgiveness and hate on the heels of a betrayal. Find God’s peace and healing in forgiving.  And then climb into HIS unconditional love and be who you are meant to be!!!



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