Time of Rest…



I have been away and haven’t even written anything new in a few weeks. Sometimes as writers, we go through times like this in our lives. Things happen and crowd our day making it almost impossible to fit anything else into it. Writing does not seem to take precedence over the daily activities. Other times, it is because of a physical ailment which prevents the cognitive and motor skills as well as the desire from pursuing much of anything. I recently had surgery, my first ever, and well, my brain has been in a bit of a fog for the past week or so. Not the most conducive place to be in for writing.

In this absence, I have felt many different thoughts floating through, taking root in my psyche. It seems as though my mind is always processing the events in my life and relating them to emotions in my heart. As these two come together, they form a union that gives birth to all my writing. Even in the fog of coming out of surgery and pain meds and the pure exhaustion at doing seemingly basic things, the writing still floated through me. Unfortunately, trying to put anything sensible together, would have been a insurmountable feat!

All that being said… I have a slew of “stuff” to get out. It will be forthcoming as quickly as my fingers can type it out! I hope it is inspiring, encouraging and a blessing to each of you that take time to read any of it! Thank you for reading… and remember, life gives us a choice each day, each hour, each moment to live and LOVE! Choose love my friends… and be blessed, because you are loved too!!!



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