Weather the Storm…

When life gets hard what do most of us do? Well, I know I often fight back. Unfortunately, the fighting back comes in the form of lashing out at the ones I love, the ones closest to me. The only thing that this action accomplishes is hurt and pain all around. So, not only am I struggling, but the ones who could’ve probably encouraged and lifted me up are also now struggling, all because of my pain and suffering. 
How awful!!!

Now, we begin the process of trying to repair the damage that we have caused on those around us. The best way to move forward in that is remorse and humility. We must beg for forgiveness from those who we have hurt, including Father God. Once that has been completed, the next goal is to figure out how to grow from the experience. In growing, we learn how to do better and hopefully prevent hurting others and ourselves in the future. The next time we will respond in love and lean on those around us rather than pushing them away.

This is also a lesson in humility as well as trust. Becoming vulnerable before up others is tricky because it allows our hearts to be seen by another person. We are no longer hidden, but instead we are exposed for all to see. Naked is how we feel in this moment. And honestly, how many of us are comfortable being naked? But becoming naked before others is how we grow in humility. Growing in humility is an true that expression of loving others. In that moment, we think of others over ourselves and selfishness takes a backseat as love climbs to the front to drive. Love, and ultimately God, has now taken control. 

Each trial is an opportunity for us to become more like God. Becoming more like God means loving more and not caring what that looks like. Loving without abandon enables us to walk through our storms and maybe even catch a rainbow or two! And in those rainbows, God is there promising you His love. Why not let go and let Him lead you? It certainly can’t be any worse, but it will definitely be better! 


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