Cats Are Part of the Family Too…


I cried for my babies tonight. And it wasn’t the first time. But it was probably the biggest cry, if I had to measure it. The biggest cry for them ever over the many years that I have been their mama…

My youngest Mica, who follows me around like a dog, finally sat in my lap tonight. She is so stubborn and wants to do what she wants to do. As most cats do. All of you cat owners feel my pain. But, that is one of the characteristics that draws us to them… These beautiful, loving and loyal furry animals who become part of our family.


Jazzi is 10 years old and we have had her as part of the family since she was @ 6 months old. Mica is the baby. She is just 7, and we have had her since the mere age of 6 weeks, when she was weened from her mother.

These two beauties have been my babies for many years and I am heartbroken at the thought of having to let them go.

But GOD has spoken in this journey He is sending me on. HE wants me to be mobile. That’s the word He has given me and well, cats don’t make that possible. So, the Father who loves my babies more than I love them, already has a plan. I just need to figure it out.

That doesn’t mean I won’t shed tears for my beautiful girls whom I love so very much!!! And again I cry as I look at them and I think about how much I love them.

Anyone who has had a cat understands that they are there when you need them. Mine tend to to stay by me at the exact moments that I feel most alone. It’s almost like they sense it and they stick by you because, well, regardless of what dog lovers might say, this furry felines love us and they want us to be ok. To me, this is an amazing thing because, there have been many times where even when I felt alone, I really wasn’t, because my furry babies were there for me!

This is the biggest reason why I am struggling with letting them go.

I love them so much and how will I live without them???

The answer…

The same way I live without my husband who I will see maybe monthly instead of weekly and my daughter who I might see every other week instead of every other day… With the help of God.

With the help of the God who has sent me on this adventure that is leading me to California, where I know no one and will be by myself, almost completely, I still know that the Father will be there with me as I draw closer to Him than I have ever been!!! In this new season, my God will help me be strong in Him and thus go forth walking in the calling He has placed on my life. God will equip me and enable me to move forward even in the midst of loss. I will be stronger because of it!

In experiencing these two beautiful animals, my life has been enhanced and changed forever! Thank you Lord God for allowing me to love and be loved by these two beautiful girls. I just pray that their remaining years will be full of love.



2 thoughts on “Cats Are Part of the Family Too…

  1. They are definitely beautiful, my feline companion passed away yesterday at 4:49a.m., she was 16 yrs. 1 month and 5 days old.So yes I know what you’re feeling. My Gristle was a Siamese and she was very independent but still loved me, I was her Mom,friend,sleeping partner,you name it, she was my world. She will be missed always! RIP my sweet girl.


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