Say Yes…


God moves us. He moves us in ways that are good for us. Sometimes, we fight that, at least initially. Once we let Him do His thing, our Father, reveals to us all the awesomeness of living for Him.

I have fought the Lord for many years. Not in a way where I have gone against Him, or backslide completely. I have fought God in different ways.

As the Lord has drawn me close and increased my knowledge of Him, He has also drawn me into areas that were outside my comfort zone. I didn’t realize it until now. I was so inside my life and who I thought I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to do for the Lord, that I was missing His call on my life.

Sometimes in the midst of something huge from the Lord, we miss His call, because we have to be truly listening to His heart and not our own.

My heart was telling me I was doing His work while His heart was wanting me to do more… not more work, but give more of me…

That was something that I didn’t come to the realization of until very recently. As recently as today. Yes, this morning, the Lord revealed this exact challenge to me. I read a devotional which challenged me to go lower, dig deeper… seek the Lord more and surrender to Him completely. Then, the Father gave me the vision of Jesus washing feet… that’s where He wanted me.

The Father wants me to wash feet…

Well, I am ready.

In exactly one week, I will begin this journey of washing feet. I am letting the Lord do His thing with me…

I will be heading to California, to live by myself with no husband ( I will see my husband about every other month), no furry babies ( I had to find new homes for my two beautiful female cats), my daughter will be 3 hours away instead of 3 minutes (I will see her once or twice a month instead of 4 or 5 times a week) and I be building a new life in a brand new place forging new relationships all while going to ministry school.

WOW… so God and not me. Completely out of my comfort zone all the way around!

But that’s how I know it is completely and totally of the Lord and his purpose for me.

So, now, I have said yes to God. And I am anxiously waiting for what’s next. I already know it’s going to be amazing… I am believing because God has said so, and God doesn’t lie


45 Years


As I celebrate my 45th birthday, I am pensive.

Birthdays for me have always kind of been just another day. Now don’t get me wrong, I love gifts and I love cake and I love hanging out with family and friends. But, I am not someone who likes attention or being the center of attention… I get very nervous by all of that. And that is what birthdays are all about.

Celebrating the life of someone on the day they were born is an important event. Each of us has our own special day when God decided to send us to this earth. In effect, that day, our birthday,  it is an important day. Often, your birthday is even more important to the people in your life. The people who love you are grateful for that day. Simply because the day when you were born made it possible for you to be in their life. And, most of them would be lost without you. Truth? Yes, complete truth.

Now, I have lived 45 years and experienced many birthdays of my own and others. In looking back in my pensive mood this morning, I am hopeful in this year.

I have made mistakes, fallen and gotten back up many times throughout my 45 years, mostly in the last 20. All in all, I have kept moving forward. Moreover, I have grown from each trial, mistake and failure. And, I continue to keep pushing forward. After all, isn’t that what a birthday is all about? We celebrate another year old, while beginning a new year fresh.

We receive daily blessings. God is always there taking care of us from the time we are born. The one thing I have learned is that each year is a gift from our Father and a new beginning. We should strive to make each year better than the one before it. Not only in happy times and new experiences, but also in growth within, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Become the best you, become who God knows you already are… take a risk and anticipate awesome things!!! This year is going to be my best year yet!!!

life 2


What Really Matters…

Opinions. Everyone has them. And everyone’s opinion is important, but not necessarily right.

Walking through life places many things before us. As we come upon these things, we have an opportunity to decide how we feel and what we believe.

The world is made up of many people. Each of these individuals have an opinion, a belief. These are what makes the world move forward. Our daily decision is how we will respond to the people placed before us whether it be in a work situation, within our families and friends or complete strangers.

Do we agree or disagree? And is it always the same? Just thinking about it is almost enough to cause an anxiety attack! EEK!!!

So many factors come into play as we interact with people around us. And often, it’s not a question of whether to agree or disagree, but rather, merely to offer encouragement and love.


Yes, I went there.

The conversation and life, will go on, even if we really don’t express our true opinion. You do not always have to say what you think. The sun will still set and rise regardless of how you respond. But, the thing to think about is, how do you make the other person feel in your response?

Because the true joy in life is not whether you are right or wrong or even whether you win or lose… True joy comes from making people smile and laugh and feel important, loved. As you offer those things to someone, you also show them Jesus… and what could be better?

WE ARE CUPS, constantly and quietly being filled… The trick is KNOWING how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.  – Ray Bradbury