In His Arms

Your arms outstretched to me

Like wings creating a covering

Protection from all harm

And even, keeping me warm

Your love is gently moving

To overflowing, then all consuming

In Your protection, I breathe You in

And yet again, Your LOVE rushes in

So powerful and strong

But also peaceful and calm

Like a good Father, You keep me safe

Loving me in that secret place

The only place I ever want to be

With You now and for all eternity!

It’s Time… 

Close your eyes and release your soul

rest in HIM as HE makes you whole

The Father knows who you are… daughter, son

you are His, a chosen one…

He will love you unconditionally

all you have to do is believe.

Let Him lead you on the way

the path He has laid for you to take.

Be ready to feel like never before

once you open the door.

Walk into His presence, in that place

where you meet the Father face to face.

Joy and peace and love all rush in

the moment you take your Daddy’s hand.