Love Chose Me


Love is a funny thing. It sneaks up on you and it runs away. You know what I mean? Sometimes you don’t even realize it is there until it completely knocks you over with this all-consuming weight of euphoria! Then, there’s the times when you are searching for it and missing it and it is nowhere to be found! Why?

My thought is that love is something we choose… it doesn’t choose us. Not, the true, lasting love. We decide to choose love. And in this decision, we do it no matter what. Right? No matter how mad, how hurt, how frustrated, how tired we get… we choose love. Yes! In return, love chooses us!

God the Father is love. He chooses to love us… but He doesn’t force us to love Him. We run from Him and we run to Him, and yet He always chooses to love. The Father loves us in our darkest, ugliest times.. He chooses to love us, even when we don’t love Him back.


I have always loved God and there have even been some times where I have felt His love. Until, I came to this revelation of true love, His love, being a choice, I didn’t really know His love…

I am beginning to understand…

The all-consuming love of the Father is beyond describable. It is warm and heavy. It is crippling and wonderful. It is random and spot on. It is LOUD and a whisper all at once!

Our human bodies cannot fully comprehend the Papa’s beautiful love. We cannot explain it, or control it or recreate it… we just wait like a child and ask our Daddy for more, more MORE!!! Then we wait for it to fall down on us. When it falls, I have learned to let go and let whatever is going to happen, happen. I just bask in the glory of Father God and thank Him for coming.

Learning to be loved by God, who is love, has already been one of the most amazing breakthroughs for me in the last 3 months. In that embrace of the Father’s love, I am finally learning how to love myself by letting Him love me! What a truly amazing feeling, like the coziest, warmest, biggest blanket wrapped around me perfectly! I am finally safe!

I only can hope that He will continue to give me more and more… which I know He will, because that is what He promises, we just have to ask. My human mind has difficulty processing all of this. And, how in the world can this be so amazing and feel so wonderful? Because it is not of this world, but rather from Heaven. And the Creator, my Father, is bringing it to me, all because He chooses to love me!



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