My Process -Part 2


God is always with me

Oh how I now can see

God is always with me

I have now come to believe

God is always with me

His love has set me free…

Do you know that God is always with you? Even if you believe that, do you truly understand what that means?

In my process during my time here at Bethel in California, I have begun to see with my eyes wide open, believe with a mind that has been transformed and experience freedom with a heart that is being restored. I know without a doubt that God is always with me.

Look around you,  even right now as you are reading this, and see with the eyes that the Father made when He created you. What do you see? I see beauty… pure majestic, divine beauty that only the Father of all father’s could create. In this beauty, I see God and I know He is with me. It is yet another confirmation of His constant presence in my life.

God says He will never leave us…

Our God is one who is faithful to His promises even when we turn from Him. I have spent many years wavering back and forth, but I never turned from Him completely because even in some of my darkest and most lonely moments, I felt the Father. I didn’t know then that it was God giving me the comfort and peace that I needed, but now as He is walking me back through my life, I am realizing that He was always there. He was always there…always with me…

I am in awe of that…

The Creator of the heavens and the earth was and is always there for me… His love for me is that huge. The coolest aspect of this revelation is that I now understand that warm feeling that I have experienced many different times in my life… it was the Father covering me in His love exactly when I needed it most.

As I move forward in my relationship with the Lord, I am constantly aware of His presence and His love. I feel it even, often as a heaviness and warmth. His Spirit fills me constantly. It is such an amazing feeling, a feeling that brings me such joy!

Feeling the Father’s presence and recognizing that, has launched me into so much breakthrough. In fact, as I reflect, I am almost baffled. My journey, especially in the last 2 months, has completely changed my view of who I thought I was, but it has drawn out the true Irene. I actually had a good friend of mine recently peg me as her “adventurous friend”… to me that was a huge compliment and honestly not how I would have ever though someone would describe me. I have embraced it, though, and it excites me. I am excited now about life and all the adventurous opportunities the Lord will place in front of me.

I am still unpacking and processing all the Lord has done and is doing. As, I come to new revelation, I will share, and I know it will be soon… thank you for reading and may you be blessed with your own adventures with the Father!



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