Places to go…

I have always wanted to travel and actually have traveled quite a bit throughout my life. I cannot say it was very enjoyable to me though, not like it is now…

As I think about that, I look inside and I see again that familiar spirit which controlled my life, every single part of it. I cringe to even mention it, but know I must. Because as I speak of it I also speak the truth of what I now know. 

A life full of much, but not free to enjoy and experience, but rather one that was so tightly wound up in bondage to fear. 

My life… for 44 years… FEAR

Not only was I afraid all the time, but because of that fear, one of the side effects is that my memory is minimal. I struggle to find a rememberance of my life, most of it. That simple revelation almost brings me back to that place of fear, after all if cannot remember, then did something bad happen, and who was I? 

This is where my loving Father comes in and comforts me. As we peel back and deal with the layers of fear together, HE assures me of who I am, kind, considerate, loving and important. Not only that, I am little by little receiving bits and pieces of my life.

Yes! As I heal and step into my identity, God is bringing me memories of my life. 

And they are good memories, ones of laughter and joy and things I didn’t think I ever had. My life has been good. Maybe I have missed opportunity and experiences. But, I know there are plenty more ahead for me. Adventures even. 

The Lord has many more places for me to go. Because I no longer walk in fear, but rather courage and hope and freedom, my eyes will see in abundance, my eyes will see as the Father sees. People and places will not just be people and places but rather creations of the Father. Each interaction will be a divine appointment. 

My life is beginning again, as I am a new creation walking in my destiny. I don’t have time for fear, I have too many places to go…

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.  Helen Keller


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