The Key to Life…


Relationships are the key to living a fruitful life. They are what sustain us through all that comes at us, both the good and the bad. We can call on these people who we do life with. We include them in our celebrations, we include them in our tears. We jump for joy with them, we embrace them in comforting hugs.

Relationships are important and necessary. God made us that way. He made us to thrive in relationship, in community, first with HIM, then with those He has strategically placed in our lives. It is not always easy though, it takes work on our part, even with God.

Over the years I have had relationships with many different people, but many did not last. Even with my family, my relationships were surface level, no deepness or intimacy there. In fact, most of my struggles were hidden from my dad and my brothers most of my life… until now.

This past year was one of increased relationship with my Papa God. In that, He revealed to me the importance of the ones around me and that I did need them in my life, even if sometimes it was painful. I came to the realization that 17 years ago, I shut out my brothers and their wives from my life, not completely, but mostly. And even with my dad and eventually my stepmom, most of the communication was minimal at best, just enough to keep a sliver of connection. Why? Through processing through my painful life moments this past year, the Lord lovingly highlighted my fear in this pain of losing my mom 17 years ago. In that fear, to prevent myself from feeling anymore pain, I put up walls and cut everyone off. I was unapproachable, hard to get to know, almost unreachable…  That was not what I wanted, but it is what I became to protect myself from feeling any more pain, because I really was unable to bear anymore. In His amazing, gentle way, the Lord came and walked me through all of that pain and freed me from it.

The last two months have been full of restoration. Full of relationships. Full of me truly living in freedom and living in love with my family and friends as it should have been all along. God is the lover of relationships… and in my relationship with my Papa, I saw where I also need others, daily. And on an intimate level, not surface. They need to know me and I need to know them. I am no longer afraid of the pain that might surface in a memory, because sometimes the pain is what will strengthen the bond.

Today, look at the people in your life and ask God where you can be better in those relationships. make a phone call, send a text, get together… do it now, each person in your life is a gift and time is precious.

Relationships grow when we take time to invest in them.


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