Peace can be lots of things. Everyone feels it in different ways. For me, my peace is found in the noise of nature. The pounding of the waves against the sandy shore, the squawking of the seagulls as they fight over some tasty morsel, the gust of the breeze that is ever present along the water’s edge… that is my peace.

Peace is found where God is present. Yes, God is all present everywhere. But, how each of us individually feel that presence is unique. I feel His presence, His peace at the ocean. And it doesn’t even have to be a certain ocean… I can go anywhere to any beach and feel Him. 

My experience in the last year has presented me with some new peace settings. As I experience nature more in it’s most natural state, I sense a stronger presence of my Papa. The beaches I have found along the northern coast of California are habitats preserved where I find driftwood along the beach and birds flying all around and whales and dolphins visible in the water… the closeness of the Father just covers me in these places. I am so in love and in complete communion with Him here. 

I find my peace in Jesus, but in Him, I am led to His beauty and His creation. It is here I understand His nature even more. His creation all around, just like you and me, is His signature. I love to think of sitting on the beach with the Lord with our toes in the sand, our hair blowing in the breeze just looking out over the water in complete silence, filled with complete peace, in perfect union… my heart is overjoyed. 

Where do you find the most joy? Where is your “happy place”? Take time today to ask yourself where you find yourself at peace the most. As you contemplate your peace and where it comes from and where it takes you to, remember this, the Lord is your peace and in the place of peace He is there with you. 

It’s the presence of Jesus not the absence of trouble that brings CONTENTMENT.  ~Christine Caine


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