On the Road Again… Freedom Again

My life of adventure was in full swing. I was with my husband in his big truck as we headed towards Brooklyn, NY. I was already getting the hang of it and really enjoying it. It didn’t hurt that I had the gorgeous guy, my husband, to my left to look at!

The second night of sleep was yet another challenge and victory for me. Since we determined the first night that we could not sleep comfortably in the bottom bunk together, one of us was going to have to sleep in the top bunk. My husband, being the sweet guy that he is, said he would, but I told him no. After all getting up there was no easy task. I was eventually able to do it by myself if I had to, but it was so much easier with a hoist from him! So, that first night I get up there and first thing I sit back and think whoa… this is kind of high up. Almost immediately fear starts creeping into my body. I start thinking, oh no, am I going to be able to stay up here all night? More importantly, will I be able to sleep? Why am I afraid, I thought I had conquered that fear thing!!! Well, Roy said he would switch with me,  but I told him no a second time, it was something I had to do. I asked him to pray for me and he did. A small sense of peace came over me. We said good night and I assured him I was ok, even though that was not the full truth. But, he HAD to sleep, because the next day was a full day of driving. I laid down and began to battle the fear.

Most of my night was spent in prayer, because every time I closed my eyes, I saw visions of me falling and had whispers in my ear of just that. My spirit knew it was lies because I knew I had freedom from those fears… but the familiar spirits still nagged me just enough that I questioned myself. In that questioning though, I did call out to God, like I said, all night. I prayed and prayed and prayed. Eventually I must have drifted off to sleep, because I woke up the next morning rested and VICTORIOUS!!! Following that night, I didn’t have anymore fear of being in that top bunk. I am so glad I stuck it out, not only because Roy slept well, but also because I pushed through and came out the other side in even more freedom with Jesus!

Our plan for that day was about a 6-7 hour drive. We were meeting the other driver who was on the tour with us at a truck stop in Pennsylvania. Then we would go into Brooklyn the next day, Sunday, just a few hours away in considerably less traffic.

The drive was beautiful! Green hills and mountains everywhere! It was peaceful and enjoyable. It was also very quiet… I began to truly understand why Roy is always saying he has lots of time to think. I could not imagine having that much time alone, with my mind wandering, every day! It can be really hard to stay positive. You truly have to renew your mind several times throughout the day just to be sure it doesn’t veer off down some restricted area which will only lead you into sad,  negative, “woe is me” thoughts.  Even there, God is waiting for you to call to Him.

We arrived in Pennsylvania fairly uneventfully. Just a day’s work for Roy. The next day would be easy, or so we hoped.

Night came and we all settled in for sleep. For me the second night in the bunk was some of the best sleep I had yet! I was so grateful! The next morning we got up, had breakfast and got coffee for the ride and headed out.

The possibility of heavy traffic going into Brooklyn was the biggest thing that might be difficult on this leg of the trip. The guys had already planned for that. In fact, that was why they wanted to go in Sunday morning, in expectation that the traffic would be lighter. This is something truck drivers deal with often. Traffic is a very real problem than can occur and totally set them way off their schedule. But, as they drive more and become familiar with certain interstates and the cities, they have more idea of what to expect. They will often plan their travel time around the traffic flow, if possible. Sometimes they have no choice, and merely have to go with the flow.

We were able to go in fairly easily. The traffic was heavy but moved in a steady pace. By early afternoon we were in Brooklyn at the place we were going to be for the night. And, we were set to go into the city. I was excited. It had already been a good day and now there were more adventures ahead.


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