The Important Things…


As I am sitting here this morning thinking about hurricane Harvey, I am contemplating what’s important.

What is important to me?

If I had to leave quick, what would I search for?

What would I take the time to grab before I left?

I have never been in a situation where I had to deal with any kind of disaster, natural or manmade. I have been blessed for sure. I know many have experienced such times and some more than once. In my own pure selfishness, I really hope I never have to face it. But, in light of the fact that it is a possibility, I am contemplating.

Necessity is a very viable reason to think on this question of what is important to me? If I am to be completely honest though…I NEED to know. I must determine what “things” might be important to me in the event that I might loose everything… what would I make sure to grab before I got out?

Are there “things” in my life that are important to me? Of course. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t have such items. I would be a cold-hearted… you fill in the word. Physical items mean something to everyone. Gifts given by a certain special person, at a certain special time, from a certain special place. Items made, again, by a certain special person, at a certain special time, from a certain special place. Pictures, cards… These are all the “things” that mean something to us in life.

And yes, I have those “things”, but I am no longer holding on to as many of them as I used to. In the past few years, I have gone through and purged much. I kept only the best of the best. In most cases, only the “things” I absolutely had to have. Because I found over the years that all that stuff really doesn’t get any attention, except on rare occasions and that most often is when it’s moving time. When we sold our house 2 years ago, I spent a week in my garage going through old pictures and cards and “things”, and I cried as the memories rushed in. It was all the emotions all at once. It was overwhelming and wonderful! But, it had been over 10 years since I had looked at some of stuff.

I learned during that time that having the “things” is nice, but the memories are so much better. Now, often the “thing” is what spurs on the memory and I get that, but its the memory that stays deep in our heart.

So, if I had to choose one thing, I’d have to say my memory would be it. I hope I never loose it. My memory of all the years is what is most important to me. The times I had with all the amazing people in my life, that’s what is most important. Don’t miss the most important thing in the moment, the memory of the moment, by trying to find a “thing” to remember it by… you might miss the moment itself and then forget the memory and then you have nothing.


Cherish what can’t be replaced. ~Unknown



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