Being a Good Neighbor


Being a good neighbor… 

This is a phrase used and heard often. It relates to many different situations. Not all of them are just merely being a nice person or a friend. Yes, that’s part of it. Surely as we have people that we live near, we hope to be a good neighbor to them and vise versa, but there are those times when it reaches beyond that…

Natural disasters tend to stir up those neighborly feelings. People go through these disasters and lose so much. In that loss, we come in to help try and restore a sense of normalcy by showing compassion and helping where needed in physical, emotional and financial ways.

Being a good neighbor means reaching out to help, without questioning… you just do.

Being a good neighbor means being like Jesus, loving people, loving them like the Father loves them.  This is when people really need to be seen and heard… see and hear your neighbor…

In the Bible we find one of the famous verses that most of us know well. this verse relates to how we see our neighbor. And, the way God explains it, a neighbor is anyone. As Jesus explains this He begins by saying to love the Lord above all else with everything you have… then He talks about the neighbor…

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no greater commandment than these.”  Mark 12:31

Essentially, as Jesus shows us, loving our neighbor is second only to loving God.


In the past weeks there have been wildfires raging all around me in northern California and even into Oregon and Washington. And hurricane Harvey made landfall just this week ravaging much of southern Texas and continues to dump rain even in southeastern states.

This is the time to love your neighbor as yourself…

Think about how you would want to be loved in the midst of a natural disaster, where you had no home, no essentials, no clue about what came next…

Go love your neighbor in exactly that way, the way you would need to be loved. Sometimes through this compassion and outpouring of support is the only way people find strength to move on from such a time as this… It is amazing what a little love and support can do to refuel someone who has lost hope.

Thus the reason for this command from God, to love your neighbor as yourself…

Praying for all of those who have been affected by hurricane Harvey and the wildfires in the Northwest. Do what you can my friends to love your neighbors all over the country during these times…




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