Change of Plans

You can plan for things, but there is always that possibility that something will happen to put a kink in your well laid plans. The best way to handle a kink? Just roll with it…

It seems as though this is how Jesus lived. He only did what He saw His Father do… that means Jesus had to wait for Father God to show Him what to do. He had to wait and then observe. He had to be flexible AND He had to be ready.

Am I flexible? And am I ready?

I am finding more and more that is where God is putting me. He is putting me in a place of being okay with whatever. Yes, God wants me to chill and just trust that He is in it and He is in control. Especially when He has told me so.

That’s is exactly what Jesus did.  Jesus lived and breathed the Father. You and I should do the same. After all, Jesus is God and Jesus is in me… how crazy is that? Jesus is my example, the one who I want to be more like in order to draw closer to God. And with Him in me, I have the power to do as He does, as the Father does.

In my flexibility and my ready-ness I am able to sense God more. My senses are heightened. I believe this is only because I have tuned out the type A personality within me to trust God. You know what? I am finding that I really love it! The best part though is that God seems so much closer. When He is closer everything is ALWAYS better.

Planning is a very good quality to have and most of the time it is a necessity. The key is to remain open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. If something happens to change the plan, let The Spirit of God lead you in joy and peace. This is such a pleasant place to be in. It is a place I frequent now and honestly I don’t know why I ever wanted to be in the other place, the one that was lacking peace and joy. I guess I didn’t know any better. Plus, I now know that my loving Father is right with me and He’s got my back.

So, in the end wherever your day leads you, just be sure to stay close to Jesus. This will guarantee a good day even in the midst of what might seem like chaos and disaster. Joy will reign and peace will abound. Knowing the Prince of Peace intimately is a bonus on so many levels!

Spontaneity is a meticulously prepared art. ~Oscar Wilde


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