Only the Ripe Fruit


It’s been too long since I have written. Actually that is not true. I have been writing, quite a bit, just not on my blog. Hence this blog. I was sitting here tonight contemplating writing as I was printing out the last of five assignments I have due on Monday. It made me thing of my blog. I then decided to write something to post. So here I am.

My life the last 3 months has been a whirlwind. That is honest but maybe a little downplayed. It’s more likely of the hurricane strength. Now that does not mean bad, even though hurricanes don’t tend to stir up cozy, happy thoughts. It is simply the best way to describe the flurry of stuff. And yes stuff is the best word right now, because there is SO MUCH STUFF!!!

Growing is something I hope to do all my life. My intent is to always be moving towards becoming the best me I can be. That means growing and sometimes pruning. Even when you think you have gotten rid of that yucky dead part, it still needs to be cut. Only then will the fruit grow. And fruit must grow if we are to remain part of the branch which abides in Him… Sometimes though, is it okay to not want the pain of the pruning and the growing? Yes there is the joy that comes even in the midst of the pain… but does it ever end?

I believe the pain is for our own good since it needs to be taken out. The bad part of us must be cut. Only then are we able to be fruitful. Our life-supply, Holy Spirit, cannot keep feeding the dead part. The dead part must be cut allowing the new part of me to receive life and be fruitful.

God is so loving and good. The extent of His goodness will never cease to amaze me. This is why He prunes us. He loves us so much, He wants us to be beautiful and fruitful, free from the yucky, dead parts that drag us down. Just as any garden needs to keep up a garden, God the Master Gardener of our hearts must maintain our garden.

God has spent much time in my garden in the last few months. He has pointed out the fruit that has abounded in many places. He has also cut some of the dead stuff off. My heart is more full of life now. This new life within me is flowing outward. Many new opportunities and revelations have sprung up. Each one has been beautiful and perfect. Some of these have not been ripe enough for picking yet. The Lord is revealing to me that I must be patient. Even when He shows me the fruit that is there, sometimes it needs to sit a bit linger to ripen fully, otherwise the sweetness, tenderness and joy that it brings might not manifest completely. And the Master Gardener knows when the fruit is ready…


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