The Real Me


When you look at me

what do you see?

I wonder because I am so good

so good at hiding

Afraid that if you knew

you wouldn’t like me

Getting too close

was not an option

that flaw, the imperfection, the mistake

you would judge me…

then decide I was not worthy

The truth…

did it really matter?

I didn’t think so

not at first…

But then I was trying to be

someone else because I didn’t really like me

Then one day

the love of God

overwhelmed my spirit

seeing all and still loving me

Even in my sin, even in my dirt, even in my darkest hours…

He came rushing in with His love

Then I was broken

but redeemed

And in that beautiful moment

I was seen…

I was seen as beautiful, as chosen, as pure, as forgiven

And I was loved

by the ONE who created me…

It was enough, nothing more was needed

I had come to the end

I had seen the true me

And the ONE who loved me…stood right beside me.


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