In Heaven or on earth From which place do we gain our worth? Jesus came down to set us free But then, we are to be We become God’s daughter or son Maybe finally Understanding eternity Birthed out of love As pure a dove Not one or the other But both coming together We … More Identity

In the Light

Light is necessary. It guides our way. We are able to see better with light. We are able to see possible dangers while also taking in the beauty all around us. Think about what it would be like without light. It wouldn’t only be dark… everything would be hidden. And how much more would be … More In the Light

God Speaks…

God speaks. This is something I hear often, especially within the church environment. In my community we believe that this is truth. And there are two reasons why I know it to be true. I am not just believing what I am being told, I am testing and searching out the truth with the resources … More God Speaks…

My Why…

What is my why? That is definitely a question that I am seeking to answer this year. I have come through many different levels of breakthrough over the last 18 months, but as the Lord is revealing to me, it is only the beginning. My why will be highlighted to me this this year. Why … More My Why…

Like a Child

Like a child. We hear that a lot. In fact, as I have gone through that last year I have heard that more than once. It has even been personal, meaning the Lord has spoken it to me directly. So, what does it mean? Observing children will give a fairly clear understanding. A child is … More Like a Child

The Real Me

When you look at me what do you see? I wonder because I am so good so good at hiding Afraid that if you knew you wouldn’t like me Getting too close was not an option that flaw, the imperfection, the mistake you would judge me… then decide I was not worthy The truth… did … More The Real Me

In My Head

The thoughts Swirling around Consuming everything I find myself thinking Without even realizing Mind boggling And Amazing I still have control Let it loose to ravage and make its own path Or Control it, harness it and change it? God or bad Happy or sad It’s my choice And in my control Joy is my … More In My Head