Almost Hopeless

Have you ever felt hopeless? I have. In that moment, what did you feel, think… do? Many times in my life, this consumed me. Often it even threatened to take me over completely. But, there was always something in between me and my hopelessness. Something that prevented me from falling into to that hole completely. … More Almost Hopeless

Hello October

October is a month of change. It ushers in the season of fall. During fall the days become shorter, which means less daylight. The temperatures become cooler, which means more layers of clothing. And, there is less of what used to be more… less grass, less leaves, less flowers. In fact towards the end of … More Hello October

How to Continue Growing

Growth is important. It might be a physical growth, a child getting taller, a plant blooming. It might be a growth that is unseen such as gaining knowledge and wisdom. Whatever the growth may be, it is necessary. Growth keeps things moving forward. Moving forwards prevents stagnation, complacency and even death. Think about it. When … More How to Continue Growing

Messages From Heaven

I went through my whole childhood and early adult years believing in God and Heaven. Until my mom died, I don’t think I truly understood or even truly thought about it. I was just going through the motions of what was being taught or modeled for me. The death of my mom stirred up a flurry … More Messages From Heaven