People of the World

People, people everywhere Here and there… Where are they all going? Are they done Or are they moving on? Faces So many different faces Colors, shapes and sizes Smiles and laughter Eyes twinkling bright… Determination and maybe some fear Who will they see Will they finally get it right? It’s crazy though Even in the … More People of the World


Freedom What is it? How does it feel? It is… Nothing And everything Noise And silence Hot And cold Dark And light Freedom It is… Either or And because Maybe but Yes please All of the above None of them Freedom It is… Agree Or disagree Opinion Or no opinion Choosing Or not choosing Knowing … More Freedom

In His Arms

Your arms outstretched to me Like wings creating a covering Protection from all harm And even, keeping me warm Your love is gently moving To overflowing, then all consuming In Your protection, I breathe You in And yet again, Your LOVE rushes in So powerful and strong But also peaceful and calm Like a good … More In His Arms

It’s Time… 

Close your eyes and release your soul rest in HIM as HE makes you whole The Father knows who you are… daughter, son you are His, a chosen one… He will love you unconditionally all you have to do is believe. Let Him lead you on the way the path He has laid for you … More It’s Time… 

To My Husband

You are to me A blessing you see My heart is in your hand And you are in command But you are so very gentle with me And the love we have is amazingly free It binds our hearts tightly together Giving us strength for the storms we weather As we stay steadfast in what … More To My Husband