People of the World

People, people everywhere

Here and there…

Where are they all going?

Are they done

Or are they moving on?


So many different faces

Colors, shapes and sizes

Smiles and laughter

Eyes twinkling bright…

Determination and maybe some fear

Who will they see

Will they finally get it right?

It’s crazy though

Even in the crowd…

There is a huge peace there

I feel you Father… 

You are amidst your creation

Watching, guiding, 

Protecting and loving

Even those who do not know,

YOU are there…



What is it?

How does it feel?

It is…


And everything


And silence


And cold


And light


It is…

Either or

And because

Maybe but

Yes please

All of the above

None of them


It is…


Or disagree


Or no opinion


Or not choosing


Or not knowing


It is…

Not caring

Or caring

Not seeing

Or seeing

Not feeling

Or feeling

Not loving

Or loving


It is… whatever you want

And how you want it

You choose

Nothing holds you back


only yourself


True Strength

My strength comes from YOU                                                                                                               inside my heart YOU pull me through

YOUR love is so intense                                                                                                                          it covers me in completeness

A new place I have found                                                                          my life has turned around

Freedom is what I feel                                                                         because to me YOU are real

No longer am I weak                                                                               YOUR strength encompasses me

Oh, I am so very full too                                                                             Father, so in love with YOU!

In His Arms

Your arms outstretched to me

Like wings creating a covering

Protection from all harm

And even, keeping me warm

Your love is gently moving

To overflowing, then all consuming

In Your protection, I breathe You in

And yet again, Your LOVE rushes in

So powerful and strong

But also peaceful and calm

Like a good Father, You keep me safe

Loving me in that secret place

The only place I ever want to be

With You now and for all eternity!

It’s Time… 

Close your eyes and release your soul

rest in HIM as HE makes you whole

The Father knows who you are… daughter, son

you are His, a chosen one…

He will love you unconditionally

all you have to do is believe.

Let Him lead you on the way

the path He has laid for you to take.

Be ready to feel like never before

once you open the door.

Walk into His presence, in that place

where you meet the Father face to face.

Joy and peace and love all rush in

the moment you take your Daddy’s hand.

The Man the Lord Gave to me…

You know, you are my forever

My one and only and ever

I think about you

Every moment it seems

You are on my mind

So often

Well, I just have to call

And talk to you

Because your are

My everything

God made you mine

Gave you to me

And in that moment

We committed

In covenant

And we became one

One body

One flesh

One heart

Knitted together

You are my one and only

Forever and ever

Our life has only begun

And there is so much more

Are you ready???

To My Husband

You are to me

A blessing you see

My heart is in your hand

And you are in command

But you are so very gentle with me

And the love we have is amazingly free

It binds our hearts tightly together

Giving us strength for the storms we weather

As we stay steadfast in what we believe

The closer we grow in intimacy

You are the whisper in my heart

With me even when we are apart

No distance could change that

And I promise, that’s a fact!

You are my always and forever…

Never forget that ever!

All Around

God’s way of allowing us to see
He shows us the world
And then we see even more
We look at everything in a new way
This is how we feel HIS love
Stop today
Watch it all go by
See the beauty of God
All He created
Feel the love all around
Even the earth and its sound
Hear it and believe
The Father is truth
And HE loves you and me
Move towards Him
And things will change
Your life will be full and
You will love in the extreme!
That’s who God is
And it’s who He wants you to be!

The Peace Inside…

As The wind blows across my face

I still wonder… Is this my place?
The happiness comes and goes

And the sadness still flows
Will it ever go away…

Will I ever go the right way?
I look into the sky

As a lone clouds slowly moves by
The answers are still unknown

But I know I am not alone
And with that

I feel a certain peace inside
Now I smile

As the bad feelings slowly subside


Each day 

Is another way

To walk though life

And love along the way

Smile at someone

Never be done

Always look for more

And find someone to adore

The beauty all around

Is for us to simply enjoy

God’s masterpiece is what we are

To Him we are a bright shining star

Beautiful And lovely to Him

And not just on a whim

As His children, we die never

Since His love for us is forever