Dreams Alive

How far can you fly in your mind? Where will your dreams take you? Is it only imagination or can it possibly come true? Will it actually happen… or will it only be when you close your eyes? Dare to make it real. Dare to make your dreams come true. Life can be full of … More Dreams Alive


  In Heaven or on earth From which place do we gain our worth? Jesus came down to set us free But then, we are to be We become God’s daughter or son Maybe finally Understanding eternity Birthed out of love As pure a dove Not one or the other But both coming together We … More Identity

In My Head

The thoughts Swirling around Consuming everything I find myself thinking Without even realizing Mind boggling And Amazing I still have control Let it loose to ravage and make its own path Or Control it, harness it and change it? God or bad Happy or sad It’s my choice And in my control Joy is my … More In My Head

My Secret Place

That secret place What does it mean Why do I go there Who do I meet God is there Waiting for me Wanting to visit  And commune with me All He wants  Is for me to come No expectations Open-hearted Willing… For He has so much to share with me Answers to my questions Solutions … More My Secret Place

People of the World

People, people everywhere Here and there… Where are they all going? Are they done Or are they moving on? Faces So many different faces Colors, shapes and sizes Smiles and laughter Eyes twinkling bright… Determination and maybe some fear Who will they see Will they finally get it right? It’s crazy though Even in the … More People of the World


Freedom What is it? How does it feel? It is… Nothing And everything Noise And silence Hot And cold Dark And light Freedom It is… Either or And because Maybe but Yes please All of the above None of them Freedom It is… Agree Or disagree Opinion Or no opinion Choosing Or not choosing Knowing … More Freedom