3 Day Quote Challenge:Day 3… Your Peace


Writing can be something you do without even thinking sometimes. Others times, you have the desire to write something, but just cannot seem to get anything going.

My last blog was Friday… 4 whole days ago! I have been writing something everyday and on some days twice even! It’s amazing how writing can become a habit just like anything else and once you stop even just for a few days, it’s hard to start up again!

I even have one more day of the 3-Day Quote Challenge that erhynireh challenged me to…

So, I am killing two birds with one stone, so-to-speak. Here’s my third and final day of the quote challenge AND my first blog after 4 days so I can get that ball rolling!!!


Great quote that effectively depicts the two schools of thought.

Mind verses Spirit.

Natural verses Supernatural.

Earth verses Heaven.

There is a choice here… which do you believe?

Are you waiting for it all to work out? Or do you believe that peace is all you need?

I know what I believe and I will share that shortly, but first I want to look at both sides.

As you follow your ego, and trust in yourself, you ultimately believe that everything you do and achieve is up to you. Only you can make things happen. And, if you work hard enough it will all work out.

I personally think that is a rough way to go. I do believe that hard work is important in life. But is it the only thing in life? And more importantly, is everything we do and everything that comes to us completely in our hands? Is our destiny, our fate determined by what we do and nothing else?

Here’s another angle to think about. What if you believe in a higher power to guide you through? Do you believe in GOD and His power? I do. In fact, I know that through Jesus Christ, I have the peace that I need. This peace gives me the ability to live life, the good and the bad. That peace is a form of strength.

We still make choices in life and sometimes the choices we make have consequences. But even the consequences are more bearable with the peace of God. As we trust in Him, He gives us what we need… PEACE.

Doesn’t that sound better? To have a GOD who loves you and wants to help you live a life of peace or to have only yourself to depend on…?

I believe that when I find peace, the peace only GOD can provide, everything in my life will fall into place as God wants it to be. I have that peace. Yes, I lose it, because I let things of the world take it away from me. When I hold onto JESUS and follow Him, His peace inside me makes everything more than bearable, and wonderful even!

So, I do believe that when I find peace, everything falls into place! It is available to everyone. Chose that peace today and experience freedom in life and the love of the FATHER!!!

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3 Day Quote Challenge:Day 2…Be You

Day two of the 3 Day Quote Challenge  that erhynireh has challenged me to…

Here’s my quote…


Who are you? What makes you tick? What drives you? What sets your soul on fire??? 

I really love this quote because it challenges me. It challenges me to go after my passion, my love… my calling.

Each of us has a calling. God has created each of us unique and special. We are one of a kind in everything we say and do. Our place in the world is necessary and specific.


I believe that we each have an assignment from the Lord as to what He wants us to do with our lives. I also believe that He makes that known by the passions and the desires He places in our hearts.

Sometimes, it is a matter of timing. We go after something that we feel we are being called to do and well it doesn’t happen. Don’t give up on that calling, yourself or God. Have faith and believe that He’s still preparing you for that season.


Never stop believing in yourself and what you have to offer the world. Have faith in the God who created you. Know that he has plans for your life and they are plans for good…

jeremiah 29

Sometimes the disappointment, or the closed door is merely God wanting to see your heart. Show Him you trust Him and move on. He will open up a new door, provide a new opportunity.


God has amazing things planned for each of our lives… beginning, middle and end. Our stories will be FULL and will reflect Him. Let Him guide your path. Let Him continue to fire you up in your soul. Let Him replace your fear with passion and love… then let Him use you in the capacity that you were designed for!


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Enjoy… have fun and don’t forget… YOU are unique and YOU are LOVED!!!






3 Day Quote Challenge : Day 1… Eyes That See


I have been challenged by a fellow blogger to do a 3 Day Quote Challenge. That means I will be choosing a quote each day for the next three days and blogging about the quote. This will be a challenge to me. I do try to blog each day, key word there being… “TRY“. This then, will ensure a blog for the next three days at least! I do love the quote idea though. Quotes are something I love to incorporate into my blogs, often and throughout. So, thank you erhynireh for the challenge!

Let’s get started. Here is my quote:


The eyes are very important for many reasons. Seeing is one of their main functions. Now, seeing can mean different things.

The obvious, to see what’s in front of you, around you, behind you, etc. You are seeing in the physical.

That is the most basic function of the eyes and a very important one at that. It is how we get around day to day in all that we do. It is possible to do so without sight, as there are many who have either no sight or partial sight, and they function quite well. I would like to suggest though, that given the choice, everyone would want to have the ability to see the physical world. Agree?

The challenge of seeing comes with the non-obvious. I feel like the best way to describe it is the mind’s eye and the heart’s eye.

One way is in your mind, dreaming, daydreaming, imagining… these are all great ways to see in the mind. The other is seeing through emotion and feeling. Both of these ways, I believe, are founded on the seeing ability of God.

Let me explain. God speaks to us in our heart and our mind. In our heart, in love, God shows us how to feel love and how to accept love from Him, first and then from others. In that love, God also renews our mind to think like Him and ultimately see like Him. He also does this by giving us dreams and visions.

phil 4;7

How would seeing like God matter any? Think about it… people see things differently. Two people could look at exactly the same painting. One might see nothing but a bunch of colors and not be impressed at all. On the other hand, the second person might look at it and be astounded by it’s beauty! I know everyone has heard the famous saying… “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


Beauty in everything. And seeing with LOVE is how God sees. As we grow closer to God, this is how we begin to see, in love just like HIM. We follow His lead and learn how to have His eyes of LOVE, the way He looks at us.


God the Father looks at us, and our mess and He doesn’t see all the junk, but rather, He sees beauty. HIS eyes see who we really are and HE loves us. God knows our hearts and our potential and HE believes in us!


We should look at the world and each other in this same way. Look for the beauty in everything around you. Even in the deepest, blackest darkness there is a light that will shine, even if it only starts as a tiny spark…


Have you been looking at thing around you and really “seeing” them? Will you see differently now? Remember, we all have our own darkness and ugliness, but if we see the beauty and light in others… they might just see ours.

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Have fun and be encouraged… you are LOVED!!!