´╗┐ Peace can be lots of things. Everyone feels it in different ways. For me, my peace is found in the noise of nature. The pounding of the waves against the sandy shore, the squawking of the seagulls as they fight over some tasty morsel, the gust of the breeze that is ever present along … More Peace

Places to go…

I have always wanted to travel and actually have traveled quite a bit throughout my life. I cannot say it was very enjoyable to me though, not like it is now… As I think about that, I look inside and I see again that familiar spirit which controlled my life, every single part of it. … More Places to go…

God is Bigger

How often do we try to put our lives in a neat little package. We plan, we organize, we figure out down to the very minute what our day can and will look like. Sound familiar? That has been my life… at least until very recently… In my journey with Papa God the┬álast nine months, … More God is Bigger

I Should Be Reading

Yes, I should be reading… why? Because if I don’t read some everyday, then I might not get through this HUGE book that I have to read and write about by September 6th for the beginning of my second year of ministry school! Now, I am enjoying this book… it is basically a collection of … More I Should Be Reading