Let’s go find a place

where we can escape

No worries, or cares… or anything

just you and me doing our thing.

Life can be tough

the road is often rough.

But you know what?

It’s not about this or that… but, US.

I hold my hand out to you

take hold and we’ll get through.

You have my heart and soul

wherever you may decide to go.

Always remember, even in the darkest of days…

I will always care and I’ll NEVER go away.

Don’t Turn Away, But STAY…


You say I have an attitude today                                                                                                           but ignoring me won’t make it go away

Acting like I am not even here                                                                                                           giving me the cold shoulder

You get so mad at me                                                                                                                                    and then, turn away completely…

It hurts so much inside                                                                                                                                that I really want to HIDE

I want to smile at you                                                                                                                                   but I need you to smile back too

Let me know you still care                                                                                                                    and I will continue to be there

The look I get on my face                                                                                                                              can often be so hard to replace…

Especially when it seems so real                                                                                                               and invisible is how I feel.

There’s nothing you have to say                                                                                                      when you to look my way

Just smile at me please                                                                                                                                 and everything will be at ease

Because you are the one who stayed                                                                                                          even when all the others went away…

You understand who I am                                                                                                                            and that I can love you as a man

So don’t forget me as I sit beside you                                                                                                       I am the one who will be there through and through

Wherever we go or whatever we do…                                                                                                              I will NEVER stop loving you!


Weekly Random & Not So Random…HUGS



What does that word mean to you?

Does it scare you? Does it make you smile? Do you give them freely? Do you like them?

A hug is something that shows love, caring, concern, friendship. It is meant as a good thing.


Some of us though shy away a bit from the whole “touchy-feely” thing just because of the boundaries it breaks. Others of us love to give and receive hugs!

I am in between the two camps. I used to back away completely mainly because I honestly didn’t want people touching me. I know that sounds crazy to some of you. Others of you get me because it’s exactly how you feel. 


GOD has shown me that a hug is very important. In fact, often that hug from someone else is a direct result of His love for us. He is using another human as a vessel to hug me, exactly when I need it.


You agree? 

Think back on some of those times when you received a hug that was a little sketchy at first, but then it was one of the best, most comforting hugs ever! And you realized just how much you needed it. God knew… and so He sent His hug to you through someone else to remind you how much He loves you!


I think of a hug as a blanket. A blanket covers us and keeps us warm and protects us. A hug can do that too. God’s hugs cover us in His love and keeps us warm and protected with His love.


A simple hug can do so much. Especially when someone is feeling alone. That hug reminds them that they are thought of and LOVED. Not only by the person hugging them, but by the one that sent the hug… JESUS!!!

Hug someone today… make them feel special and LOVED. It’ll be beneficial to you too. Why? Because you’ll get a hug too!!!


TRUE Compassion


Compassion is a very strong feeling. It begins in the heart as a simple concern or care. Compassion grows into a love that drives the person to do everything in their power to take care of a living being, both human and animal.


Love and compassion are connected. In the world our love for people around us, all people, should be connected also by our compassion for them. Just as we are loved by God, we are supposed to love others. We are supposed to care for others. We are supposed to have compassion for others.


Ask yourself, do I love myself? What? You are probably confused right now. We are talking about others and I am asking you if you love yourself. Well guess what? In order to be able to love others, you must love yourself. Your love for yourself is an indicator of whether or not you feel like you deserve love. And, you only love as much as you feel you are loved. Make sense? Maybe… just stay with me, it will.


Becoming more compassionate and loving towards others means we are becoming more like Jesus. More importantly, we are becoming more like the person God intended us to be. We were all created in HIS image and thus we are ultimately meant to become more and more like HIM.

bybelstudie moved with compassion

This is merely how we are wired. Finding true joy and peace in our hearts is only possible through following the original design of who we are. We are made in love and compassion and so we must walk in love and compassion. Only then do we find ourselves and discover our calling.


Each day, our hearts should be full. In that fullness, we should fill others’ hearts. As we do that, love will flow everywhere. Compassion comes out of that love. We fill others with what the Father has put in us. We share HIS goodness, the truest example of love and compassion… HIS love and compassion.