In My Head

The thoughts Swirling around Consuming everything I find myself thinking Without even realizing Mind boggling And Amazing I still have control Let it loose to ravage and make its own path Or Control it, harness it and change it? God or bad Happy or sad It’s my choice And in my control Joy is my … More In My Head


Freedom What is it? How does it feel? It is… Nothing And everything Noise And silence Hot And cold Dark And light Freedom It is… Either or And because Maybe but Yes please All of the above None of them Freedom It is… Agree Or disagree Opinion Or no opinion Choosing Or not choosing Knowing … More Freedom

Love Chose Me

Love is a funny thing. It sneaks up on you and it runs away. You know what I mean? Sometimes you don’t even realize it is there until it completely knocks you over with this all-consuming weight of euphoria! Then, there’s the times when you are searching for it and missing it and it is … More Love Chose Me

What Really Matters…

Opinions. Everyone has them. And everyone’s opinion is important, but not necessarily right. Walking through life places many things before us. As we come upon these things, we have an opportunity to decide how we feel and what we believe. The world is made up of many people. Each of these individuals have an opinion, … More What Really Matters…

Unconditional Love

Life happens, even when we don’t want it to. Sometimes it even continues all around you even when you are trying to stand still. But in those moments, we often feel the presence of God even more than we ever would. Those moments are the times that God reaches out and embraces us in the … More Unconditional Love

Which Way???

What do you know about where to go? A choice to make a chance to take. Your own strength or allow God to sustain Life is full of more light when we choose life over flight forgiveness over revenge joy over pain love over fear have faith… you are almost home God the Father He … More Which Way???