JESUS has risen… A gift we have been given! HE lost HIS life dying for our sins… so our lives may truly begin! Easter is a time for remembrance And feeling God’s almighty presence… We REJOICE and CELEBRATE GOD’s love for us is GREAT! We come together and together we sing we sing praises praises … More JESUS!

Poem to My Mom

MOM I miss you so I wonder if you know… Your smiling face, your hug, was my safe place. Your voice still rings in my ears even after all these years and… often, it still brings me to tears. The hurt I feel inside will the pain ever subside??? I really just want to hide. … More Poem to My Mom

To My Mom

How can you live life knowing someone’s gone away? Someone who held you up at any time on any given day. Words of advice and guidance when I was unsure an “I love you”, an outstretched had, to keep me secure. You were my rock my place to retreat. I could let go and really be me. I miss … More To My Mom