Do you have faith? How do you know if you have faith? You might think you have faith, but maybe not. Or maybe you do have faith, but it could be more. Some of your are like, yeah, I hear you. I know exactly what you are saying. My faith could be deeper, stronger, more blind even. … More Faith

GOD Why?

So God, Just curious You give us all the emotions You enable us to walk in them You allow us to feel them You give us love, You give us hate You give us joy, You give us pain You give us good, You give us evil So God, Just curious… WHY? God, sometimes, the … More GOD Why?

No More Fear

Insecurity Sometimes I just can’t see My confidence gone Everything feels wrong What do I do now? I am full of doubt I have built a wall Letting no one in at all Oh what an empty, lonely place But it has been my space All my many fears Throughout the years Come rushing back … More No More Fear

The Many Faces of Love : Just a taste…

  LOVE…  This four-letter word is simple yet complex. It has many different meanings and implications. It can rule your life both positively and negatively. The simplicity of the word and its true meaning is something I am seeking coupled with its application. God, the Creator of our universe, is the definitive definition and the … More The Many Faces of Love : Just a taste…