In the Silence

Silence may be all you hear But if you hear it, is it really silence? Instead it might be God’s presence Sometimes He is most present in the silence Do we listen enough? Maybe if we listened more We would hear the Father more Take time to listen Take time to be quiet Sit in … More In the Silence

Our Home

Hide and seek as a child we used to play as adults, we hide because we have strayed Far away from where we should be feeling lost and as if we cannot see Hopeless to us it seems so many broken dreams Nowhere for us to turn the tears in our eyes burn Our vision … More Our Home

John 1:4-5

This week, in my personal time with the Father, HE has been showing me light and what it means for me. The verse that really resonated with me involved light. The Message Bible gave such a cool translation! What came into existence was LIFE and the LIFE was LIGHT to live by. The LIFE-LIGHT blazed … More John 1:4-5

My Spring…

As the season of winter is coming to an end and spring is getting ready to make it’s entrance, I have been observing the changing seasons within myself. As we go through life, in our relationship with the Lord, we go through seasons. Just like nature’s seasons, we grow at times and at other times, … More My Spring…

Live Life!

Life has it’s ups and downs. As we live, we endure hardships, pain, sadness; we enjoy happiness, success, love… Each of these moments define us, who we are. As we respond the life, our character becomes visible to the world. Are we kind and loving? Are we angry and unforgiving? Do we love even through … More Live Life!