What is it?

How does it feel?

It is…


And everything


And silence


And cold


And light


It is…

Either or

And because

Maybe but

Yes please

All of the above

None of them


It is…


Or disagree


Or no opinion


Or not choosing


Or not knowing


It is…

Not caring

Or caring

Not seeing

Or seeing

Not feeling

Or feeling

Not loving

Or loving


It is… whatever you want

And how you want it

You choose

Nothing holds you back


only yourself


Unpack That Verse…Philippians 4:6-7 No Worries


Be anxious for nothing, but in prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 (NKJV)

Feeling anxious is a very real thing. I battled anxiety for many years. The one very important thing I learned about anxiety is that I could beat it… with the help of Jesus.

I didn’t see clearly how anxiety was affecting me and my life until very recently. In fact, God revealed to me that this anxiety was actually rooted in fear. And that fear controlled me completely!

Through prayer and supplication, which means simply asking for, I was able to walk to the other side of this fear and break covenant with it. I had partnered with fear, anxiety, worry, you name it, for my entire life, but it was time to be free.

It is true, that once I partnered with God and allowed Him to walk me through this process of freeing me from my fear, peace settled on me, in me and around me.

It was truly amazing to me to see how different I saw things through my own eyes because of this freedom. I became alive, adventurous… fearless.

Once I gave my anxiety and worry, and essentially my fears to Jesus, my whole life began to change. One seemingly little gesture can be the last step into breakthrough and COMPLETE PEACE and FREEDOM!!!

So, in your moments when you feel anything but peace, cry out to Jesus, and ask Him to fill you with peace… then rest in the Father’s Presence as He covers you with the warmest, coziest “peace blanket” you have ever snuggled under! Trust me, you will never want to worry again!

Worry does not empty TOMORROW of its sorrows, it empties TODAY of its strength.            Corrie ten Bloom

Unpack That Verse… Psalm 104:22 Freedom in Praise


Praise the Lord, everything He has created, everything in all His Kingdom. Let all that I am praise he Lord. Psalm 104:22 (NLT)

How many times have you woken up in the morning and just felt sad, unsure of the day, depressed even, and basically did not even want to get out of bed?

For me, that used to be an everyday occurrence. Now, not so much, but it still happens.

Yesterday was one of those days…

I never used to know how to get past the cloud that seemed to consume me. But, I would push through and get up anyway and somehow make it through the day, but I remember it being a struggle.

I have learned as of late, that praise will draw me out of that place and instead place me in the presence of the Lord.

In His presence I will find joy, peace and love…

All I have to do is come to the Father either by praying, reading scripture, listening to worship music, singing to Him… crying out to Him or all five things and He comes… He comes rushing in like the wind and fills me.

Yesterday ended up being one of the best days. I really enjoyed it, felt joy, peace and love. And, I felt powerful, because I conquered something that used to control me. Praising the Lord freed me from bondage to this cloud of sadness and depression.

So, the next time that that cloud tries to consume you… let all that you are praise Him who loves you!


Unpack That Verse… Psalm 119:45 Walking in Freedom


And I will walk at liberty, for I seek YOUR precepts.  Psalm 119:45 (NKJV)

God’s precepts are His Word… seeking His precepts are actually seeking Him. For, remember, His Word was made flesh through Jesus. Seeking Jesus is how we seek His precepts.

Through this seeking and then finding and because God is always there just waiting to spend time with us, well, we find freedom. Freedom, liberty in Him, in His Word, because that is where true freedom comes from.

Because I know you Jesus, in my heart, I know what it means to be free from slavery, free from sin… I know that You are with me, protecting me, guiding me, keeping me in liberty.

he presence of His Spirit is where true release and freedom are present. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom! (2 Corinthians 3:17)

If I soak in this truth it becomes a reality. Thinking back to many times in my life where I felt so stuck, cornered, in bondage and basically hopeless. As I prayed and let Holy Spirit do His “thing”, it all lifted like something that was weighing me down. The next impression was one of almost weightlessness… definitely free!!!

Learning to let go and let God be in control is the first step and often the most difficult one. Take that first step into freedom and the next steps will be ones like you have never experienced before!

We must be free not because we claim it, but because we practice it.  William Faulkner

No More Fear


Fear. That all consuming feeling that has the ability to cover and usher in so many lies. Fear can be crippling, fear can destroy, fear can stop us from moving forward and fear can block LOVE.

I have spent my entire life in a state of fear. I knew I was fearful of heights and spiders as most of us are fearful of something. So, I just equated my hesitancy in life to those two fears. Little did I know that the extent of my fear actually fueled larger fears. In the belief of these larger fears, my pause on life happened. I actually prevented myself from many experiences in life due to this pause. My inability to move forward was present as a result the physical inability ultimately caused by a mental belief and fear. Even writing that makes me step back and go, WOW… ! I truly had no idea that a stronghold like this had a hold of my life and essentially me!

In this revelation, I have come face to face with the INCREDIBLE love of the Father. In His beautiful, gentle way, Papa God has been revealing this to me over the last few weeks. I knew about 3 months ago that He was working on my fears, or at least the two, heights and spiders, that I thought I had. Recently though, as these two fears are being broken off, He has illuminated the layers of fear underneath… layers that He is slowly and pulling back and allowing me to see.

Deep pain has begun to surface and the tears seem to flow endlessly. Father God has been right there with me the whole time comforting me in the pain and wiping my tears away as He continues to cover me in His love. The process is definitely one of the hardest in my life! It’s difficulty doesn’t scare me though, because I am no longer afraid…

Did I just say that?

Yes, I said I am no longer afraid. AND, I will continue to say it.

My fear took seed and grew out of lies that I believed. Lies about myself, about those around me and even lies about God’s love. These lies were the weeds that strangled out the truth in my heart. They yelled above the truths that were whispered. In that place, the lies seemed more like truth.

In this new season, I see these lies as what they are…lies. I no longer believe them. Instead, I now believe the truths… truths that Jesus spoke and truths that Holy Spirit reminds me of often. One truth that is at the forefront to me is that there is no fear in love. This is key. Love is the Father. Essentially, if I am abiding in the Father, in His love, fear is nowhere to be found. Fear will not be present in the presence of the Father. Whoa! All I have to do is stay with my Daddy and I will experience love instead of fear.

The thoughts running through my head struggle with why. Why does God love me so much? Then Holy Spirit steps in halting this circle of thoughts. The Father loves you because you are His daughter. He wants you to feel His love, always. Then, am hit with another thought… Just because He loves me, it’s all because of love.  In taking away my fears, the Father is putting love there instead. Fear goes, love comes rushing in filling me up!!!

In looking back, especially over the last week, I can say with confidence, that love IS what I have felt in those moments where fear would normally be present. In moments where I should have been frozen by fear, I have moved in love. Ha! It is such freedom for me! I actually feel like I want to try new things now, things that I would have never even thought about before, merely because of fear. So crazy and so good at the same time! And this is who my Daddy is!

I am beyond thankful for Father God and His insane love for me! Not only that, in this love, He continues to pursue me so I can feel His love. In that all consuming love, my paralyzing fears are being revealed and broken off… forever! Then my feet will be ready for adventures with a heart consumed with the love of the Father. This breakthrough will launch me into a season of carrying the Father’s love into dark and scary places, releasing light and freedom.

I am ready… I am no longer afraid!


How You Loved Me…


I have been bottled up for so very long

so afraid all would be gone.

I always kept it all inside

often feeling the need to hide.

I had no one who really understood

no one to listen and help me feel good.

Now I have found you

and I don’t feel quite so blue.

But I still feel the fear

wanting to turn before you get too near.

It’s my way of pushing away

so I won’t hurt another day.

Please forgive me yet again

you are a gift I have been sent.

You are my star in the dark sky

lighting my way as each night goes by.

I would be lost without my star

I want to always be with you…

 where ever you are!

Are You Truly Free???


What does FREEDOM mean to you? It can mean a variety of things depending on who you are talking to and even the setting.  As a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, being free means no longer held by the chains of sin. In becoming a follower of Jesus, we confess our sins to the Father and ask for forgiveness.

David, of course, having completed the work God set out for him, has been in the grave, dust and ashes, a long time now. But the One God raised up—no dust and ashes for him! I want you to know, my very dear friends, that it is on account of this resurrected Jesus that the forgiveness of your sins can be promised. He accomplishes, in those who believe, everything that the Law of Moses could never make good on. But everyone who believes in this raised-up Jesus is declared good and right and whole before God.  Acts 13:36-39 (MSG)

Once we do that we are made free in Him.

It’s in Christ that you, once you heard the truth and believed it (this Message of your salvation), found yourselves home free—signed, sealed, and delivered by the Holy Spirit.  Ephesians 1:13 (MSG)

And even, free of everything!  The chains are gone… BROKEN!!!!

In forgiveness we are made free…

As we choose to follow God and accept our true identity, He gives us the opportunity for complete FREEDOM. In our true identity, we are a son or a daughter of God the Father; we are royalty, princes and princesses; we are heirs to the throne of Heaven alongside Jesus.


You got all of that right? Son or daughter, prince or princess AND heir to the throne of HEAVEN!! 

God the Father is our Father and we are His children… we are His… and He loves us. He loves us SO MUCH. And because of that love for us, the Lord wants us to be free… 

FREE from everything except His love!!!


God gave us the opportunity to be FREE from sin and ultimately death through HIS son Jesus Christ. You no longer have to carry stuff around, the weights of all the worldy stuff. Jesus takes all of it for us and deals with it. God gave us Him along with the Holy Spirit as helpers, so to speak. They are there for us in our times of need AND our times of joy.

In this new identity and freedom we find forgiveness AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!! In addition, we are now given the ability to live life, in abundance, as God initially intended for us since the beginning of time.

Now, you have a choice…

GOD, abundant life, FREEDOM, LOVE


SIN, death, fear

Doesn’t seem so hard to choose when it is put like that huh?

Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!  Deuteronomy 30:19 (NLT)

Choose Jesus and find FREEDOM… and a life like never before!



Bible verses taken from in The Message Bible and the New Living Translation

Pics taken from

Lean on ME…


Nothing can drag you down completely

Your strength is inside… don’t you see?

It may feel like it will never end

Things come at you from every direction.

But your strength will get you through

And don’t forget… I’ll be there too.

Lean on ME for support and anything else you may need

You will make it through the storm to find the sun indeed.

The clouds and darkness will be lifted away

You will feel light and free on another day.

That day will come soon, you will see

Just take MY hand and hold onto ME.

I will be with you by your side

Until you can let go like the ocean’s tide.

So trust in ME and and peace will surely come,

It is time for the abundant life I promise everyone.

Saying Sorry…


I don’t even know how to begin this except by jumping in. Saying sorry is probably one of the hardest things that we have to do and probably one of the things we will do most often in our life. AGREE?? 

Now think about forgiving the person once they say I am sorry. How do you respond? Do you easily say,

Sure, of course I forgive you! 

Or is this more likely your response…

Are you kidding.. do you know how bad you hurt me? How could I possibly forgive you?

I bet it would be a close battle on which answer we chose as our response. Of course, I am sure it would also depend on the situation and the level of hurt it produced. You know what though? We should forgive, no matter what. Why? Because we are told to by Jesus Himself…

“And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses.”  Mark 11:25

Even though we are hurt, we should still forgive someone, especially when they ask for forgiveness. It is clear that the Father will not forgive us for our transgressions against others and Him if we don’t forgive others. And me for one, I don’t want to chance the Father not forgiving me. I want His forgiveness and His love all over me!

Make love not war is something I am sure all of us have heard at some point in our lives. And, honestly, it is something that I think all of us should strive to live for. Wouldn’t the world be a better place of we all loved instead of fighting? Not only that, isn’t loving so much easier than fighting?

Sometimes our inability to forgive others comes from the fact that we cannot forgive ourselves. Again, the same fact stands true that before God can forgive us, we must forgive others. That includes ourselves…



The best way to be free, be free in the Spirit, is to let go of all things that weigh you down. The things of unforgiveness are really heavy and hard to carry. If we let Jesus take them from us, we no longer have to be burdened. We will be free, truly free!!!!

So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. And because you belong to him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death.  Romans 8:1-2 (NLT)

Say you are sorry now, for anything that is before you. In that moment, think of those who you need to forgive and relay that too. Be sorry and forgive… once you do that, FREEDOM will ensue and you will be filled with the Holy Spirit. To me, that one of the most amazing things ever!





No More Fear



Sometimes I just can’t see

My confidence gone

Everything feels wrong

What do I do now?

I am full of doubt

I have built a wall

Letting no one in at all

Oh what an empty, lonely place

But it has been my space

All my many fears

Throughout the years

Come rushing back to me

I am no longer free

My heart is heavy

And my body is weary

That old feeling that was gone

Has come back on strong

I know I don’t like it

But it’s not easy to forget

Finding the way to the light

Is a tough, hard fight

But the tears need to go away

And so now I pray

Please hold me LORD,

Take my hands in Yours

Help guide me through

The right open door

So I might be sad, no more

My happiness will again return

My mind will continue to learn

My body will feel light and free

And my heart will love… completely!