The FATHER’s Gift


Forever is all we need

all through eternity

GOD, You are the ONE

who has given Your SON

JESUS cleared the way

for us to be with You today

In this moment, to us YOU call

Oh Father, I give YOU my all.

A life with YOU

too good to be true

But, it is what YOU offer

A LOVE like no other

A gift so amazing

YOU, Father, we are praising!!!


How You Loved Me…


I have been bottled up for so very long

so afraid all would be gone.

I always kept it all inside

often feeling the need to hide.

I had no one who really understood

no one to listen and help me feel good.

Now I have found you

and I don’t feel quite so blue.

But I still feel the fear

wanting to turn before you get too near.

It’s my way of pushing away

so I won’t hurt another day.

Please forgive me yet again

you are a gift I have been sent.

You are my star in the dark sky

lighting my way as each night goes by.

I would be lost without my star

I want to always be with you…

 where ever you are!