What is forever…???

loveWe talk about things that last in life… A battery, a friendship, a marriage. How do we know if something is forever? Forever, well, it’s a choice. Everything in life is a choice and as God gives us free will we each choose for ourselves. Will you choose to stay married, even in the times that are challenging and difficult? Often the hardest choices produce the greatest joys in our lives.

As we push through and stay focused on the promises of God, that He will provide and He will take care of all of our needs, we are blessed beyond what we could have imagined. Life as we know it, the everyday hum drum becomes exciting, something we look forward to even… Imagine that!

How about as we start our next day, we choose to do something different. What if we all decided to smile at every person we came in contact with during the day? How would that change not only our life, but every life we touched during the day? Do you think it would be better for everyone including us? I’d say a resounding YES! So why not choose to live life in a way that spreads joy and love…? That includes sticking to the marriage that might be tough. Or the friendship that has struggles. Even the family member that you haven’t talked to in years… How can you bring love into that relationship? God has already shown you… Now it’s your turn to show others. Share the love HE has shared with you. There is more than enough to go around!!!

My Journey… May 2009

Seven years ago, much like now, I was coming out of one season and beginning a new one… walk with me and remember.

Ok everyone… I have finished my 18 month Elementary Education Grad school program…!!! But only through the grace of God and support from so many of you. I am graduating next Friday, May 15th!!! Now I can start looking for a job as a teacher. WOOHOO!!! Pray for me that I find something. But I am not worried because my trust is in the Lord and He will put me where He wants me. I have learned to trust in Him and persevere through this journey. So I have written some thoughts I wanted to share with you guys. Love you all and thanks for your support, prayers, encouragement, and love.

As I write this today, I have yet another journey complete.
Though as I look back, it is necessary to remind myself that it was more than me…
Over the last eighteen months of my life,
I have passed through many trials and much strife
I ran up against constant hardship and often felt despair
Too many times I didn’t want to go on…I didn’t think that I could!
I often cried out and questioned my choice…
Everything around me seemed as though it was falling apart!
But each time, in my darkness…
came the light of truth…
and that quiet and subtle voice
And then I remembered Jesus and His Words in my heart…
So I was relentless, I pushed on, I gave it my all
I continued to get back up each time I stumbled and did fall
For when I gave You thanks and praise
I felt the joy that was meant for me…
Each and every day!
In the end You were there to walk me through…You never left my side
So now I bow down and give all the Glory to You…
My God…Your words and Your love are forever true
And for that…with ALL of my heart and soul…I Thank You!!!!Dock