In My Head

The thoughts Swirling around Consuming everything I find myself thinking Without even realizing Mind boggling And Amazing I still have control Let it loose to ravage and make its own path Or Control it, harness it and change it? God or bad Happy or sad It’s my choice And in my control Joy is my … More In My Head

My Secret Place

That secret place What does it mean Why do I go there Who do I meet God is there Waiting for me Wanting to visit  And commune with me All He wants  Is for me to come No expectations Open-hearted Willing… For He has so much to share with me Answers to my questions Solutions … More My Secret Place

Heal My Heart

What’s in my heart is sometimes hard to share wondering whether anyone would even care. Being hurt before in so many different ways sometimes I barely make it through the days. The joy seems to have disappeared it has instead been replaced by fear. Oh such a bad place to be in a heaviness that … More Heal My Heart

Not By Chance…

two people searching not knowing what for a piece in their life seems to be missing then GOD steps in suddenly their paths cross two become friends in the midst of their storm searching for light swimming in life-giving water immersed in GOD’s Word clinging to JESUS SEEKING… SHARING… FEELING… TOGETHER… once weak and broken only to become … More Not By Chance…

What is a friend???

What is a friend? How do you know when someone is a friend? Yes, I am asking that question and hoping to answer the question… it’s definitely going to be a tough one. Friends are people who hang out, who talk about life, who have similar likes and dislikes, who have similar beliefs about life … More What is a friend???