Heal My Heart


What’s in my heart is sometimes hard to share

wondering whether anyone would even care.

Being hurt before in so many different ways

sometimes I barely make it through the days.

The joy seems to have disappeared

it has instead been replaced by fear.

Oh such a bad place to be in

a heaviness that never ends.

There is no easy way out

because everything inside you doubts…

Your feelings are deceiving

the many lies you are believing.

You have to find a way through

a way to what is true.

A love that will heal your heart

allowing a fresh, new start.



Not By Chance…


two people searching

not knowing what for

a piece in their life

seems to be missing

then GOD steps in

suddenly their paths cross

two become friends

in the midst of their storm

searching for light

swimming in life-giving water

immersed in GOD’s Word

clinging to JESUS





once weak and broken

only to become strong and new

side by side

standing on what is True

and as HE promises

they trust and believe

the light in each other

they have seen

the darkness

has disappeared

into each other’s hearts

they have been

finding a love

that could only be from HIM

warmth and joy

fills their hearts

these two people

once alone

are now connected


Let the Music Play…



This one word is representative of a part of my life that is entrenched within me, a part of who I am. Music, instruments and voices coming together in a beautiful harmony of pleasing, comforting, inspiring, exciting and all-encompassing sounds that speak to my soul and fill my heart.


Many, many times in my life, I turned to music. The music helped me stay in control, if you will. My emotions filtered through the songs I listened to. I screamed, I cried, I lost hope… then I found it again and I found joy, and even love… all in the story of song.


My genres of musical preference usually depend on my mood. I appreciate all kinds of music, though I do have favorites. I also categorize my music into my emotions… I have happy songs, energetic songs, love songs, inspiring songs… angry songs and hope-filled songs.  


Yes, the music is part of me. I believe GOD brought me this beautiful resource so I could express myself and find my way back to Him in all the many moments of my life. The Father gifted me and I am continuing to develop that gift more. Music is an expression of love because it is using what is in your heart and sharing it in song.


God gives us music so we can sing to Him and worship. As we sing, we are using a gift He gave us… that blesses our Lord. 


Use the beauty of music to understand who God is. Allow yourself to get lost in the song and close your eyes… you will find God there.

songbird            fd9755d3f22d9c203f1d8605b1c05cd8



See, Feel, Know THE LOVE…


The beauty of each day unfolds

    something we should stop to behold

Let us not miss what is right before us

     may we look up and TRUST

Help us FATHER to understand…

     YOU have a master plan

When YOU draw us near

     in YOUR arms, there is NO FEAR!

YOUR love is so POWERFUL

     how can we not know???

Feel it as it flows down…

     in our hearts… YOU are found!


What is a friend???


What is a friend? How do you know when someone is a friend? Yes, I am asking that question and hoping to answer the question… it’s definitely going to be a tough one.

Friends are people who hang out, who talk about life, who have similar likes and dislikes, who have similar beliefs about life and religion, who like each other’s company and who laugh together. Is that simple enough?

There are different levels of friendship. They range from mere acquaintances to “til death do us part”. So, on that mindset, how do we define friendship? I think friendship is one of those English words that tends to have too many meanings. In fact, just like the word love, since there are many varying levels of friendship, there should be different words to denote the level of friendship we are pursuing.


That being said, there are many different kinds of friendship. I think, in order to have a well rounded life, we should have friends in all levels. What??? Say there are four levels of friendship. I think we should have at least one friend in each of the four levels of friendship. This way all of our emotional needs are being met. You know what I mean? There are those friends you just want to go shopping with, but maybe there’s not a close connection, but you LOVE shopping with them. Then there are those friends that you call when you have a crisis… and that friend is there no matter what. and then there are those friends that you might see at church functions and you talk there, but there’s not really any interaction outside of that. Each of these friendships play a different role in your life to fulfill a need.

Being a friend could be so much more though. I had a dear friend relay something very profound to me recently. She told me that maybe I was comfortable in the place I had allowed myself to be in and I wasn’t open to friends because of that. In other words, because of past hurts from friends, I had closed myself off to true intimate friendships without even realizing it.


Friendship is a form of love. When you are a friend, a true friend, you are loving someone unconditionally, even! You are there for them when they need you… isn’t that how GOD is with us? JESUS is our friend, or wants to be… we just have to open up to HIM. Our heart must be available to a friend in order for it to be a true friendship.

I want to have close friends as I am sure many of you do. We have to be willing to risk being hurt. That is the only way to find true friends, by sharing your heart. And, the one that is true will protect your heart. So take a chance on a friend today… make it count. Let them see you heart and ask them for theirs… they might be just as afraid to share as you are. Show them love and be a friend…




I Am Yours


I am yours, you are mine…

We are one, intertwined

We love, we laugh

We walk our life’s path

We fight, we cry

We look up to the sky

We pray, we praise

We learn His ways

We forgive, we forget

We never regret

We give thanks always

We don’t turn away

We do His will in all things

We are showered with blessings

We share what we have with others

We are all His kids, sisters & brothers

We love you, no other…

God our Heavenly Father

State of Mind or Feeling of the Heart?


Happiness is a state of mind. Sadness is the same. These two emotions, like all the emotions we feel as humans, are felt in the heart but can be controlled in the mind.

Events in life can affect our emotions. These include both happy events and sad events. Sometimes those memories are the easiest to control. Once the memory fades we no longer feel sad or angry or depressed even. Sometimes that is a true blessing, so we can move on with our lives.

Our mind and our heart often collide when feelings threaten to take us over. Our heart feels whatever the emotion is and the mind, well, the mind often battles the heart to protect both from possible vulnerability. Vulnerability can open the heart up to pain and sadness. Conversely, closing that off can also prevent true intimacy within a relationship and ultimately, true feeling.

Control the mind and what it thinks and control the feelings of the heart… truth? 

Thoughts filter through our minds. They float around like leaves blowing in the breeze. The key is to catch the negative thoughts, the one that will cause sadness, and destroy them. Those thoughts cannot be allowed to float around free since they can threaten the heart’s happiness. The positive thoughts should be capitalized on and expounded upon if possible, that way happiness will flow through the body into the heart.

Happiness flowing through the body is like food to the soul. A happy mind and heart is good for the body. It is healthy on so many levels…

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bone.                         Proverbs 17:22 (NASB)

We can choose to be happy and think positive thoughts. Why not be happy today… after all it’s better for the body… heart and mind.



3 Day Quote Challenge : Day 1… Eyes That See


I have been challenged by a fellow blogger to do a 3 Day Quote Challenge. That means I will be choosing a quote each day for the next three days and blogging about the quote. This will be a challenge to me. I do try to blog each day, key word there being… “TRY“. This then, will ensure a blog for the next three days at least! I do love the quote idea though. Quotes are something I love to incorporate into my blogs, often and throughout. So, thank you erhynireh for the challenge!

Let’s get started. Here is my quote:


The eyes are very important for many reasons. Seeing is one of their main functions. Now, seeing can mean different things.

The obvious, to see what’s in front of you, around you, behind you, etc. You are seeing in the physical.

That is the most basic function of the eyes and a very important one at that. It is how we get around day to day in all that we do. It is possible to do so without sight, as there are many who have either no sight or partial sight, and they function quite well. I would like to suggest though, that given the choice, everyone would want to have the ability to see the physical world. Agree?

The challenge of seeing comes with the non-obvious. I feel like the best way to describe it is the mind’s eye and the heart’s eye.

One way is in your mind, dreaming, daydreaming, imagining… these are all great ways to see in the mind. The other is seeing through emotion and feeling. Both of these ways, I believe, are founded on the seeing ability of God.

Let me explain. God speaks to us in our heart and our mind. In our heart, in love, God shows us how to feel love and how to accept love from Him, first and then from others. In that love, God also renews our mind to think like Him and ultimately see like Him. He also does this by giving us dreams and visions.

phil 4;7

How would seeing like God matter any? Think about it… people see things differently. Two people could look at exactly the same painting. One might see nothing but a bunch of colors and not be impressed at all. On the other hand, the second person might look at it and be astounded by it’s beauty! I know everyone has heard the famous saying… “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


Beauty in everything. And seeing with LOVE is how God sees. As we grow closer to God, this is how we begin to see, in love just like HIM. We follow His lead and learn how to have His eyes of LOVE, the way He looks at us.


God the Father looks at us, and our mess and He doesn’t see all the junk, but rather, He sees beauty. HIS eyes see who we really are and HE loves us. God knows our hearts and our potential and HE believes in us!


We should look at the world and each other in this same way. Look for the beauty in everything around you. Even in the deepest, blackest darkness there is a light that will shine, even if it only starts as a tiny spark…


Have you been looking at thing around you and really “seeing” them? Will you see differently now? Remember, we all have our own darkness and ugliness, but if we see the beauty and light in others… they might just see ours.

Now as a part of this challenge, I also have to challenge 3 other bloggers each day to do the same, so here goes… I challenge

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Have fun and be encouraged… you are LOVED!!!


TRUE Compassion


Compassion is a very strong feeling. It begins in the heart as a simple concern or care. Compassion grows into a love that drives the person to do everything in their power to take care of a living being, both human and animal.


Love and compassion are connected. In the world our love for people around us, all people, should be connected also by our compassion for them. Just as we are loved by God, we are supposed to love others. We are supposed to care for others. We are supposed to have compassion for others.


Ask yourself, do I love myself? What? You are probably confused right now. We are talking about others and I am asking you if you love yourself. Well guess what? In order to be able to love others, you must love yourself. Your love for yourself is an indicator of whether or not you feel like you deserve love. And, you only love as much as you feel you are loved. Make sense? Maybe… just stay with me, it will.


Becoming more compassionate and loving towards others means we are becoming more like Jesus. More importantly, we are becoming more like the person God intended us to be. We were all created in HIS image and thus we are ultimately meant to become more and more like HIM.

bybelstudie moved with compassion

This is merely how we are wired. Finding true joy and peace in our hearts is only possible through following the original design of who we are. We are made in love and compassion and so we must walk in love and compassion. Only then do we find ourselves and discover our calling.


Each day, our hearts should be full. In that fullness, we should fill others’ hearts. As we do that, love will flow everywhere. Compassion comes out of that love. We fill others with what the Father has put in us. We share HIS goodness, the truest example of love and compassion… HIS love and compassion.