In Heaven or on earth From which place do we gain our worth? Jesus came down to set us free But then, we are to be We become God’s daughter or son Maybe finally Understanding eternity Birthed out of love As pure a dove Not one or the other But both coming together We … More Identity

Change of Plans

You can plan for things, but there is always that possibility that something will happen to put a kink in your well laid plans. The best way to handle a kink? Just roll with it… It seems as though this is how Jesus lived. He only did what He saw His Father do… that means … More Change of Plans

The Secret Place

The secret place… What is it? Where is it? How do you get there? Come with me as we dig in and answer these questions together, for it is surely a place we all have been and truly want to go back often. Many think that this secret place is actually a place we have … More The Secret Place