The Secret Place

The secret place… What is it? Where is it? How do you get there? Come with me as we dig in and answer these questions together, for it is surely a place we all have been and truly want to go back often. Many think that this secret place is actually a place we have … More The Secret Place

My House

Every single person is here on this earth for a reason. Yes, every single person. We all have a purpose. Our purpose is one that glorifies the Kingdom of God. Even if someone is not yet part of the family of believers, he or she still have a Divine purpose. For by Him all things … More My House

Forgiveness is LOVE

Welcome to my thoughts on FORGIVENESS… We have all been hurt by someone in our life, possibly many times and many people. In that hurt, sometimes it is hard to forget. More importantly, it is often hard to forgive. Often, instead of forgiving, people want to hurt back. They want revenge. And that is the worst … More Forgiveness is LOVE