The Man the Lord Gave to me…

You know, you are my forever

My one and only and ever

I think about you

Every moment it seems

You are on my mind

So often

Well, I just have to call

And talk to you

Because your are

My everything

God made you mine

Gave you to me

And in that moment

We committed

In covenant

And we became one

One body

One flesh

One heart

Knitted together

You are my one and only

Forever and ever

Our life has only begun

And there is so much more

Are you ready???

Distance Doesn’t Matter

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I am not sure who quoted this, but it is truth.
My husband and I have have been apart for almost a month and a half. That is the longest we have ever been apart in the 14 1/2 years we have been together. And to be honest, I miss him terribly, as any wife would is miss a husband whom she adores.
The crazy thing is, I love him more than I did that month and a half ago. So, the saying is true.
I have found that we probably talk more than we would if we were physically together. Now, granted it is on the phone or FaceTime, but we talk 3 or 4 times a day, minimum, and that doesn’t include texts! I will say, in this season where we are apart, I am grateful for the technology we have like FaceTime, where I can at least see my husband as well as talking to him… that makes it so much more bearable.
As we have answered the Lord’s call on our lives, we have been led to California. Roy’s job keeps him away for months at a time. Again, it is a season and what we feel like God is asking us to do in this season of our lives. I will go to ministry school and Roy will work all over the country.
My husband will always be my forever love. No matter how far away he is.
It is challenging for sure, but Spirit led. We, as a couple, have grown even closer during this time. Amazing, right? Yes, truly amazing, truly God. Even being apart physically, we are still connected in heart. We are still one, as God brought us together in the covenant of marriage. And, as we each experience things in life, it overflows into the other person. In this way, we both benefit from what the other is experiencing. How cool is that? Our hearts are knitted together in a way that cannot be pulled apart. Rather, the heart strings become stronger as we, as husband and wife, become even closer in our intimacy, even 3000 miles apart!
And that is exactly how our loving Father works. He is present in all things. He is loving always. He believes in the covenant of marriage. And even in distance, two hearts that are meant to be together… Will always be one.

To My Husband

You are to me

A blessing you see

My heart is in your hand

And you are in command

But you are so very gentle with me

And the love we have is amazingly free

It binds our hearts tightly together

Giving us strength for the storms we weather

As we stay steadfast in what we believe

The closer we grow in intimacy

You are the whisper in my heart

With me even when we are apart

No distance could change that

And I promise, that’s a fact!

You are my always and forever…

Never forget that ever!

My Forever Love…


husband_wifeLet it all go, let it all float away

Just like the way the eagle flies today

I want to be you lover

I want to be your friend

Just open up to me and you will understand

Don’t be afraid to get close to me

I can be the one to make you complete

Let everything from the past wash away

As the waves rush to the beach each new day

Start every morning fresh and new

Just as pure as the early morning dew

Come to me unconditionally

And you’ll find your dream with me

My arms will hold you and surround you

With a feeling that can only be true

Watch as the flower opens to bloom

And listen to each birds special tune

The beauty of this world is what you have shown to me

And you are a part of that new found beauty

As I have opened my eyes and looked around

I now see one of my blessings in a life that I have found

That was so unsure to me before

Now has become one I look forward to explore.

It All Matters

roy-irene2Marriage to me is forever. Unfortunately, forever takes two people to happen. I was married once and I thought it would be forever, but it was not in the cards for me. I will say though, that marriage was not ever regretted. My beautiful daughter Kaysi was a result of a marriage meant to be so my daughter could have life. And in the loss of one marriage came the birth of another. God allows for second chances because He is a God of forgiveness and grace and love, unconditional love. Sometimes, the second chance is the one path in life that will bring the most joy, if you allow it. As we learn who we are and learn to love, we step into a new place, a place where God the Father shows us how to feel peace and joy. My second marriage has had its challenges, many years of challenges. Now, though, the intimacy and closeness we share in our marriage with God and also with each other is indescribable. God wants that for us, as He loves us He wants us to feel and share that love… Always and forever… 💙