TRUE Compassion


Compassion is a very strong feeling. It begins in the heart as a simple concern or care. Compassion grows into a love that drives the person to do everything in their power to take care of a living being, both human and animal.


Love and compassion are connected. In the world our love for people around us, all people, should be connected also by our compassion for them. Just as we are loved by God, we are supposed to love others. We are supposed to care for others. We are supposed to have compassion for others.


Ask yourself, do I love myself? What? You are probably confused right now. We are talking about others and I am asking you if you love yourself. Well guess what? In order to be able to love others, you must love yourself. Your love for yourself is an indicator of whether or not you feel like you deserve love. And, you only love as much as you feel you are loved. Make sense? Maybe… just stay with me, it will.


Becoming more compassionate and loving towards others means we are becoming more like Jesus. More importantly, we are becoming more like the person God intended us to be. We were all created in HIS image and thus we are ultimately meant to become more and more like HIM.

bybelstudie moved with compassion

This is merely how we are wired. Finding true joy and peace in our hearts is only possible through following the original design of who we are. We are made in love and compassion and so we must walk in love and compassion. Only then do we find ourselves and discover our calling.


Each day, our hearts should be full. In that fullness, we should fill others’ hearts. As we do that, love will flow everywhere. Compassion comes out of that love. We fill others with what the Father has put in us. We share HIS goodness, the truest example of love and compassion… HIS love and compassion.


Weekly Random & Not So Random


I have decided to write a weekly post which I will post every Friday…                                                             

Weekly Random & Not So Random

It has come to my attention, that we are consumed with thoughts throughout the day. Actually, that is not a new revelation, it has been obvious to me for quite some time now. But it is important for me to now point out that thoughts are… well… everywhere!!! 

You could almost say we are BOMBARDED with them!!! Thoughts swirl around constantly… Inside, outside, and all around us in a constant and never-ending force that almost controls us! How do we work through all of that? How can we come to a place where we clear our mind out of all of these flurries of thoughts? I find that writing helps me sort through all of this. In my writing I am able to pull out the ones I need and trash everything else.

Each week in this post I will either share something profound and meaningful or dump some of my trash. Which might be a good thing for someone, because remember…

Another mans trash is someone’s TREASURE!!!

So depending on your likes and dislikes, my weekly posts will be treasure or trash to you. All I know is it will be an awesome way for me to unload some of these thoughts… Random and not so random, swirling around!!! Hope you enjoy!!!

You can’t reach for anything new if you are still holding onto yesterday’s junk. -Louise Smith